Best Escape Room Video Games Online In 2023

Best Escape Room Video Games Online
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Are you ready to test your wits, unravel mysteries and immerse yourself in exciting challenges online? Welcome to the world of escape room video games online! In 2023, the games industry has brought us countless thrilling escape titles that have redefined the art of problem solving, while providing a thrilling experience. If you are a lover of puzzles, thrillers and dramatic scenarios, then this article is for you! Join us as we explore the best escape room video games online that have captivated gamers worldwide and continue to set new standards in 2023.


This article briefly lists the best free escape rooms that you can play with your team without paying a dime. For your next game night, check out these free virtual escape rooms with your friends or colleagues.

1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

If you are a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series, then check out this virtual digital escape room. The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is a great digital escape experience. The game focuses on a group of first-year students at Hogwarts who become trapped in a room after Hagrid delivers a letter.

Solve clues and puzzles that help you escape the room and continue your school year. The game also allows multiple choice options, allowing you to easily solve tricky puzzles. If you enjoy playing escape rooms on your phone, you will love Hogwarts Digital Escape Rooms because you can play by clicking a Google link on your mobile device. The game supports individual gameplay but is also one of the best free online escape rooms for groups.

Solving the whole puzzle and escaping the room takes about 10-15 minutes. The best part is that you can play the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room multiple times without registration.

2. Romeo and Juliet Escape Room

For love story fans, Romeo and Juliet Escape Room is one of the best free to play online multiplayer escape rooms. The play focuses on two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, separated by Juliet’s parents, Capulets. Capulets wants you to prove your intelligence by giving answers to complex tests.

You and your team must work quickly to solve clues and puzzles, including eight tests, to make sure this couple stays together. Romeo and Juliet Escape Room is a perfect virtual online game for teenagers and adults. The site is intuitive, so it doesn’t take you long to figure out how to solve your puzzles. The duration of the game can vary from 25 to 60 minutes.

3. Escape Minecraft

Escape Minecraft is a fun free online room escape game to play alone or with friends. If you are an avid Minecraft player , this PowerPoint escape room version is a great choice. PowerPoint includes 63 pages of quizzes and questions that you must solve to complete the game.

You have to fight the mobs, build a shelter and try to survive by solving all the puzzles and clues to advance to the next level. Minecraft is an immersive gaming experience that allows you to develop your math, logic, and problem-solving skills. Escape Minecraft challenges you with math questions, mazes and matching to help you escape.

4. Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley is a fascinating online escape room that you can play with your family, friends, and colleagues. Developed by Livingston Parish Library, the game offers players the experience of exploring the Oregon Trail. In this game, you and your train are trying to escape a mysterious illness and must travel on the Oregon Trail.

The goal is to get to the Willamette Valley, where there is a safe place to stay. The point is that the track is full of dangerous obstacles that require solving puzzles and clues. You and your team must escape these obstacles and survive the course. You must solve your puzzles quickly, or else the mysterious illness will overtake you and your team.

Like many free virtual escape rooms, you can play the game Oregon Trail Escape

5. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln

If you like an imaginative storyline, then you’ll love the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This escape room has a twist, as it rewrites history. You have to play the role of John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and Confederate sympathizer. You believe that Abraham Lincoln was the bad guy, a tyrant who was the cause of the country’s misfortunes. Finally, you decide that you want to take action to solve the problem.

You can choose an alternate version of the story or go the route of the original story. The choice is yours, but you must complete all the puzzles in the selected scenario to move on to the next stage. You and your team can play the game more than once due to the different possibilities of the game. Although it’s story-based, you’ll also enjoy the game’s use of modern multimedia to solve puzzles. For example, the game offers screenshots of text messages between teams to solve puzzles and uncover clues. Players have a time limit of 60 minutes.

Watch The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
6. Mr-X

Mr-X is a fun spy-themed escape room that focuses on Mr-X, who will taunt your party with cryptic clues. You must solve puzzles to discover Mr-X’s last name and discover his identity. You can solve puzzles by searching local websites, Google Maps, Twitter and even Google Street View for useful information.

You must enter all passwords in lowercase. The game also provides a HINT button if you get stuck with a puzzle. Once you’ve solved all six clues, you’ll discover Mr-X’s last name and complete the quest. Mr-X is very engaging and can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to complete a task.

Explore Mr-X.
7. Jumanji:
escape room

Based on the classic adventure movie, Jumanji Escape Room is an adventure themed game that takes you and your team into the jungle. The team must use their logic and problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. The only access to the forest is to return the magic jewel to the jaguar statue.

Jumanji Escape room is the perfect game for a team as each character has a special ability needed to solve puzzles and uncover clues. Once you complete all six clues, you and your teammates can successfully escape.

8. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar

Oscar’s Stolen Oscar is one of the most educational free online escape games. The premise of the adventure fish-themed game centers around the Baltimore National Aquarium. You will have to help the Oscar Hollywood fish from the movie Shark Tale to find his Oscar statue.

The National Aquarium created this fun game to educate players about sea creatures. You’ll get a visual tour of the aquarium and have to move around to find the answer to your puzzle. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar is a role-playing game that lets you answer questions, share a screen, or explore an aquarium.


9. The Midnight Express

A fun online escape room, Escape the Crate’s Midnight Express is one of the most fun online escape games. This escape room is perfect for large groups that want to go on an exciting yet mysterious adventure. In this game, you and your teams are agents who spot a change in the Civil War timeline. You suspect the change is about Abraham Lincoln, but you can only get evidence on the midnight train to Baltimore, Maryland.

Knowing that there is little movement on board, you and your team decide to go undercover and search for the truth. You’ll need to weave your way between the wagons to gather all the evidence you find of this timeline alteration. To get off the train quickly and undetected, you must uncover all the hidden clues and solve your puzzles. Fortunately, Midnight Express allows players to return to previous pages to find information that helps them solve puzzles.

The game also provides some hints to help you solve the puzzle faster. However, the gameplay requires a lot of note taking so you can avoid going back to previously unexplored clues.

10. Meet me in the escape room

If you are looking for a free online escape room for students, especially young children, check out See Me Escape Room. In this treasure hunt themed adventure, you must solve a string of puzzles set by Grandpa Sam to uncover the prize. See Me Escape Room has an estimated run time of 10 to 15 minutes. The game requires you to solve each puzzle in order because the correct answer is the access code to go to the next page. You must enter all answers in capital letters, or your answer will be invalid. In addition to being kid-friendly and free to play, the game’s plot is very engaging. See Me Escape Rooms is the perfect virtual game to keep your students or kids busy while helping them learn the importance of teamwork.

11. With cellar: Alone together

The perfect game for just two players, Alone Together is a free multiplayer online escape room that only requires a big screen, a notebook, and a pen. Alone Together takes gameplay to the next level by allowing players to freely communicate with each other via calls or messages. In this virtual escape room, you and your partner have to solve realistic puzzles through constant communication to escape the room.

Alone Together is great if you like games that allow verbal exchange between players. Furthermore, the graphics are visually appealing and well designed. Alone Together doesn’t follow a specific theme, and while the puzzles can be a bit difficult, they’re worth your time. After you have completed the first game , you can continue with Alone Together 2:
Together Apart from each other. You can enjoy endless fun with the next gameplay.

12. Dr. Who Escape Room

Dr. Who Escape Room is based on Dr. Who, the show thriller popular and science fiction TV . Suddenly, a woman claiming to be a doctor approaches you and insists that she needs your help. She pulls you to the blue police phone booth and pushes you there before you can even call the police. To your dismay, you discover that the blue call box is the control room of a spaceship.

The ship is about to be destroyed by a Dalek, an evil rogue who wants to activate the ship’s secret weapon capable of destroying the ship and even the world. As friends of the Doctor, you and your team must use critical thinking to stop Dalek and save the spaceship. The time limit is 60 minutes and your team is about to be annihilated if you cannot complete the mission.

13. Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room is a fascinating virtual escape game. This spy themed mission game asks you or a team to follow the famous spy Carmen.

You will constantly have to solve puzzles and find clues to prove yourself worthy of being his apprentice. The game lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and is quite difficult. Therefore, the game is best suited for players aged 15 and over. If you’re looking for a challenge, check out Spy Apprentice’s clues and conundrums. However, this online escape room allows you to embed links to websites to make it easier to solve your puzzles.

14. Escape From Wonderland

You’ll love this free digital escape room if you like Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice in Wonderland story. The game is inspired by the original story as well as the Disney versions. Players will recognize familiar stories and experience them first-hand in this RPG.

You take on the role of Alice and embark on a journey full of mysteries and puzzles. The story begins with your daydreaming in a field. Suddenly you notice a white rabbit running into a hole. You and your companions must follow the rabbit into the hole to begin his exciting journey. To escape, you must watch videos, answer puzzles and solve clues.

15. Ultra Mega Super Death

Ultra Mega Super Death is a virtual escape room that takes place during long periods of isolation. You’ve tried every conceivable activity to kill boredom, so you decide to buy yourself a Nintendo Switch. You check online, but can’t find any available devices. However, you are lucky! A friend of a friend knows an important Nintendo employee. This employee knows the magic word to get you into the hidden warehouse where Nintendo keeps extra supplies. You will have to complete challenges designed by the company to find the magic word.

This escape room is suitable for groups of up to four people ages 13 and up. The game has strict rules, such as no outside help like Google or the use of devices like computers. Instead, you must use your knowledge of math and geography to solve puzzles.



Participating in online escape rooms is a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of an adventure involving actual escape rooms. Fortunately, the free versions of these games allow a team to play multiple times while developing cooperative skills and improving relationships. Our list of of 15 Free Online Escape Rooms is a good source to pick the best free games for your next game night or team building activity.


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