Best Starting Island Seed Stranded Deep PS4

Best Starting Island Seed Stranded Deep PS4, Xbox and PC

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Best Starting Island Seed Stranded Deep PS4,Xbox and PC. Today, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Stranded Deep Seeds. Planet Seed is a function in Stranded Deep that was added with v0.03 H2 that allows the user to load a certain world when starting a new game. If you play in a generated world, it has a code of four or more numbers that other players can use to play the same generated world. This code can be found in the main menu at the bottom right of the screen.


Different seeds have different configurations, environments, and pretty things to look out for. However, we have compiled a list of some of the best seeds available in the game for you.

Best Starting Island Seed Stranded Deep PS4

1. 41215510
One of my favorite seeds. For seed 41215510, in the new build (.04), if you go straight west from the starting isle, about 3300M give or take, there are four seaforts. and if you go south about 4500M, then west, you should find two more sets of forts.

BTW, the sun sets in the west but rises in the north-east, which is strange. 41215510 Around your starting island are some shipwrecks, one of which has a compass. If you travel all the way north, you will find three seaports.

2. 23301760
Launch your game today, navigate to where you can find 23301760 seed, and you will undoubtedly return to thank me. Seed 23301760 has a lot of loot, including an axe, hammer, machete, flare, bandage, and label maker. You may come across wollie, an easter egg based on Wilson from Castaway. This is an excellent seed, and I strongly advise you to experiment with it.

3. 00000666
I remember asking for stranded deep seed recommendations on a specific community and receiving several, but what really got me thinking was when a user said, “Man, have you ever seen or used seed 00000666?” If not, you must try, Man.” Many will argue that this is my best seed ever.

4. 7121975
The most popular seed? It is for some and not for others, but it is clearly one of them. Big island without sharks but with some sunken ships containing many axes, hammers, motorboat parts, compass, flashlights, and other items. There are many large palm trees, potato plants, yucca, and crabs. Of course, you should try 7121975 out today and see how it goes.

5. 10876336
10876336 includes three islands all to yourself. I think you’ll enjoy exploring this island for as long as you want. What will you find there? Axe, hammer, machete, flare, bandage, and label maker You will almost certainly come across wollie and an easter egg. For sure, it’s an intriguing seed to experiment with.


6. 2297
This seed doesn’t have a lot of items, but it looks great. On the island, a complete ship awaits you. Like I said, not much can be found on the island, but it does have that natural and clean beauty.

Most gamers prefer this seed, which has even become popular in my neighborhood, but I personally dislike it. Is this enough to disqualify it as one of the best seeds? Obviously not.

7. 10293847
In 10293847 Island, you’ll find an engine as well as other loot in visible shipwrecks. 10293847 Island is a large island, possibly the largest of them all. Take advantage of the great features and make them your own while still having fun.

8. 248957750
248957750 is an excellent seed! I’ve already built half an engine, a bucket, morphine, and the majority of my two-story house, and I’ve only explored two islands so far – my home and one within swimming distance!

9. 55378008
Here’s another great seed to look into. 55378008 appears to be an open sea, but there is an Island and 3 Biomes away. When you reach the Island, walk around to its North-East side and you may even see it from the beach if you wade a little way into the water, plus there is a three-part Sea-Fort.


10. 38640165
Today’s final seed is 38640165. If you’ve come across this seed before, you’ve been extremely fortunate. The starter The island is enormous, with many trees and, most importantly, little bothersome debris. So there’s a lot of sand where you can build a nice house. In addition, there is a ship where you can directly obtain a bucket, which is a lifesaver.

The best seeds in stranded deep may differ, but we had to base our selections on what people really like and recommend. You’ve discovered your favorite or an intriguing one. Just yours in the comments section for our readers as well.

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