Black Mesa Cheats Codes and Console Commands

Black Mesa Cheats Codes and Console Commands
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You can use console command cheats in Black Mesa. These cheat commands can be used to earn achievements and rewards without having to grind through the game.

Aside from the cheats, we will also show you how to open/access Black Mesa Console Commands. So let us go find it.

How do I access Black Mesa console commands?

First Method:
Go to your library to access the console commands in Black Mesa. Right-click your mouse here to access the Properties menu.
Set Launch Options by clicking the Set Launch Options button.
You will now see a textbox. Type -console.
When you start the game, the console should now appear. When your level has finished loading, type bind p toggelconsole.

You can also change the letter p to any other letter.

2nd Method:

  • Open the game > Go to “Keyboard Settings“.
  • Go to “Advance” > “Enable Developers Console”.
  • Click on “Save” > “In Game” > hit tilde (~) >  Enter “sv_cheats 1“.

Give Items Cheat List

  • give item_longjump – LongJump
  • give item_suit(HEV) – Suit
  • give item_airtank – Airtank
  • give item_battery – Battery
  • give item_antidote – Antidote
  • give item_healthvial – Healthvial
  • give item_sodacan – Soda Can
  • give item_healthkit – Healthkit

Give Weapons Cheat List

  • give weapon_357(Magnum) – 357
  • give weapon_crowbar – Crowbar
  • give weapon_glock – Glock
  • give weapon_crossbow – Crossbow
  • give weapon_shotgun – Shotgun
  • give weapon_mp5 – MP5
  • give weapon_tau – Tau
  • give weapon_gluon – Gluon
  • give weapon_hivehand – Hivehand
  • give weapon_rpg – RPG
  • give weapon_satchel – Satchel
  • give weapon_frag(grenades) – Frag Grenades
  • give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
  • give weapon_snark – Snark
  • give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
  • give weapon_egon – Egon
  • give weapon_9mmar – 9mm ar
  • give weapon_9mmhandgun – 9mm handgun
  • give weapon_handgrenade – Hand Grenade
  • give weapon_quantumdestabilizer – Quantum Destabilizer
  • give weapon_hornetgun – Hornet Gun

Give Ammunition Cheat List

  • give ammo_rpgclip – RPG Clip
  • give ammo_9mmar – 9mm ar
  • give ammo_9mmclip – 9mm Clip
  • give ammo_357 – 357
  • give ammo_9mmbox – 9mm box
  • give ammo_buckshot – Buckshot
  • give ammo_crossbow – Crossbow
  • give ammo_egonclip – Egon
  • give ammo_argrenades – ar grenades
  • give ammo_mp5clip – MP5 Clip
  • give ammo_gaussclip – Gauss Clip
  • give ammo_glockclip – Glock Clip
  • give ammo_mp5grenades – MP5 Grenades

Black Mesa Console Commands – All Cheats

Cheat Codes Cheat Effect
god: invincible God Mode
impulse 101 All Weapons & ammo
impulse 105 Enemies can’t hear you
notarget Enemies don’t attack you
chase_active 1 3rd person perspective
sv_gravity X Set Gravity to X
sv_friction X Set Friction to X
sv_bounce X Bounce Multiplier to X
give ItemOrWeaponid (check all the ids below) Get item, weapon or ammo
 map MapId (check all the ids below) Changemap or Changelevel
ent_teleport npc_name (point with your crosshair where you want to spawn it) Summon or Teleport NPC
ent_remove (point to the entity you want to remove) Remove NPC
ent_remove_all npc_name
  • Remove all NPC
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