Can Dragon Age 2 be Played on ps4?

Can Dragon Age 2 be Played on ps4?
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Dragon Age II is a third-person perspective action role-playing video game. In the game, players assume control of Hawke, a human refugee from the Fifth Blight who becomes the Champion of Kirkwall.
Hawke’s gender and appearance are customizable, and players must choose their class at the start of the game. There are three class types: a mage (who uses a staff to cast spells), a rogue (who uses a dagger or bow and arrow), and a warrior (who wields a melee weapon in both hands, or with a shield). 
Importing a saved game from Origins or selecting a background at the game’s beginning menu will allow players to incorporate decisions they made in that game into the storyline of this game.

Throughout fighting and exploration, players are accompanied by companions that can be recruited into Hawke’s company. Hawke can only bring three comrades with them, while the others remain in Kirkwall at various home bases.

Although players can control these companions directly and freely swap between them, they are often governed by artificial intelligence, which can be changed using the “Tactic” option.
For instance, users can configure a companion’s aggressive demeanor and behaviors such as drinking health potions when they are injured. During combat, gamers can pause the game and deliver individual orders to Hawke and party members. Free camera movement is also available in the PC version.
However, commands cannot be queued; players can only send a new command once the previous one has been executed. In addition to basic assaults, players have access to a variety of skills. For example, warriors can stun foes with the “Tremor” talent, while mages can burn foes with fireballs.
However, some talents drain the character’s stamina or mana. Abilities can be combined to form combos, which further improves fighting effectiveness. Defeated allies are automatically resurrected after all foes have been vanquished, but with injuries.

The game’s inventory system serves as an item repository. Weapons and armor, crafting recipes, runes, plot objects, and consumables are among the various categories of items. The inventory system requires micromanagement. A player can only carry a limited quantity of items, however additional inventory space can be purchased.  Throughout the game, players find various containers and loot, as well as merchants selling a variety of commodities. Some things provide bonuses that boost a player’s statistics. Only Hawke can equip the game’s world’s armors. The armors of companions cannot be altered, but players can earn armor upgrades and decorate them with rings, amulets, and belts. Weapons can be enchanted with runes that impart new properties to the weapon they are written on. Hawke can contact artisans to manufacture new things such as potions, poisons, bombs, and runes after learning crafting recipes.  The game also allows players to collect various rubbish objects that may be sold to merchants.


As players accomplish objectives and destroy monsters, gamers earn experience points. After gaining sufficient experience points, the character will level up. In addition to gaining more life, stamina, and mana, players can unlock new talents and improve their qualities. These are categorized as Strength, Dexterity, Magic, Intelligence, Willpower, and Willpower. There is a skill tree for players to unlock talents in a non-linear fashion. Unlocked skills may be improved to increase their effectiveness. Hawke is able to specialize in a subclass after he reaches a particular level.  Each buddy has unique abilities that can be enhanced as the player progresses.  Abilities like as crafting and lockpicking are automatically unlocked when a player’s qualities are sufficient.

Outside of combat, players participate in conversation by asking and responding to questions. A dialogue tree provides multiple dialogue options for the player to choose from. There are three primary varieties of personality: diplomatic, amusing, and aggressive.

The choice with the most votes becomes Hawke’s primary personality type. Hawke can also lie, bribe or blackmail others for money, and flirt with non-playable characters. In the game, players will make numerous choices that have varying effects on Hawke’s party and the game’s universe. 
The Origins approval system has been modified into a friendship/rivalry mechanism. Depending on the selections and dialogue options made by the player, a companion will either recognize Hawke as a friend or as an adversary. A companion who constantly agrees with Hawke’s viewpoints regards them as a friend, whereas a companion who repeatedly disagrees with Hawke’s viewpoints establishes a tight but polite rivalry with them.
Full friendship unlocks perks that benefit Hawke or the group in general, while full rivalry enhances the combat ability of allies, allowing them to best Hawke in competition.  Certain objects can be donated to a partner in an effort to strengthen the bond between them.  Regardless of friendship or rivalry, Hawke has the choice of dating up to five buddies.
Can dragon age 2 be played on ps4? 
Yes. Dragon Age games are available via the EA access for PS4 service.

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