Can You Request Supervised Visitation?

Can You Request Supervised Visitation
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Supervised Visitation


Although child custody rulings are always based on what is in the kid’s best interest, courts want to preserve the parent-child bond. In other instances, though, a parent may not be fit to be left alone with a child.

In such situations, the court may impose supervised visitation so that a parent who has been denied custody of a child can maintain contact with the child.

Even though simply being permitted to see a child during a supervised visit is less than ideal, it can be preferable than being denied access to a child entirely.

Rationale for Supervised Visit

If a parent considers that the other parent poses a danger to the kid, he or she may request supervised visitation. If more than one kid is involved in a custody battle involving supervised visitation, the order will typically apply to all minor children.

The goal of supervised visitation is to safeguard the involved child or children. Consequently, it is doubtful that a court would regard unsupervised visitation with a parent to be safe for one child but harmful for another.

A court will only order supervised visitation if it determines that a parent cannot safely spend time alone with a child and that supervised visitation is required to protect the youngster.


It will not be given if the parents merely disagree on the particulars of how a child should be reared. A court may impose supervised visitation if a parent has struggled with substance abuse, domestic violence, or is unable to provide a safe home for the child.

Provisions for Supervised Visitation

Orders authorizing supervised visitation differ based on the court’s judicial discretion. They can be extremely restricted and stipulate that a parent can only spend time with a child at a certain place in the company of a court-appointed supervisor.

An order may also be more permissive, allowing the parent to have visitation with the child at his or her home under the supervision of an approved individual.

Alternatively, the court may merely order that the parent’s visit with the kid be supervised by a third party. Occasionally, a court will order that the primary custodial parent has the authority to determine the time and location of supervised visits.


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How long is it possible to impose supervised visitation?

The duration of a supervised visitation order will vary based on the court’s assessment of the child’s safety. The court may impose supervised visitation for a specific period of time, or it may make an order saying that supervised visitation will continue permanently.

  • If there is no specified end date for supervised visitation, it will most likely continue until the court that issued the order determines that supervision is no longer necessary.
  • If the factors that caused the court to award supervised visitation are no longer present, or if the parent subject to supervised visitation can show they have effectively rehabilitated any problematic behavior, he or she may petition the court for unsupervised visits with their kid.
  • If the court determines that the circumstances no longer justify supervised visitation, it will alter the order to allow unsupervised visits for the parent.

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