Cheap Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

Cheap Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

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Cheap Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco could be what you are so eager to know and you may love to patronize one of the restaurant. in this article, you would be learning about the cheap sea food in  San Francisco and the place you could go to get the food at a reasonable and affordable price. Being served a sea food may be your delight and you may be cash strapped; you don’t have to be worried because we got you covered.


what kind of city is San Francisco?

San Francisco is a kind of city port, that is joined extensively with San Francisco county, northern California, U.S., the location of this city is in a piece of land surrounded by water which is between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Do you know that it is a financial and cultural center of the United State. It is also the most cosmopolitan cities in the country of United States. It is amazing that the city is surrounded by water. the sea side is so beautiful to behold. If you are not in San Francisco at the moment, try to come and explore the city.

what is a seafood restaurant

A sea food restaurant is a business that serves people and it specializes in sea life food. There is a method of preparing the food and the kind of ingredients that would be used. These ingredients techniques are found and common in a regional and cultural locations. The dishes is made of sea life creature that is considered edible in a particular locality. These sea life creatures includes: dish, shell fish, freshwater fish.

Since you know about what a sea food restaurant is, let us see the cheap sea food restaurant in San Francisco. This article would give you the necessary information about the sea food restaurant in San Francisco. I am pretty sure you are eager to know these places.

Cheap Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco


Basa seafood express got avalanche of live sea food that is fresh coming everyday. This restaurant serves their customers with the freshest sea product with amazing quality at an affordable and reasonable price. The amazing part is you only need $7.

The prepared food they have available are:

  • Ceviche
  • Sashimi
  • Hawaiian style poke
  • Sushi
  • Salmon burger
  • Fish and Chips
  • fresh Oyster
  • Clam chouder
  • Fish Taco.


This restaurant has a sustainable approach in serving fresh and local  sea food in season. They also serve local fish water to the table. You can have affordable sea food. It is a good place to celebrate with your friends. You can patronize them today. They have provision for outdoor seating, delivery and take out. You have no excuse not to get this delicious meal.


Do you know that Fog Harbor Fish House offer typical example of waterfront dining experience in San Franscisco; Steeped in tradition. It is the first restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf with 100% sustainable seafood. The fresh fish is cut with hand everyday and delivered. Fresh sourdough bread baked every 30 minutes. New England Clam Chowder made from scratch daily. Fog Harbor Fish House is among the most favored restaurants on the Wharf. They pride themselves in offering the freshest seafood in San Francisco.

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New England Lobster Market & Eatery is an authentic East Coast seafood experience in the San Franscisco. These are the sea food you would likely discover are:

  • Live Maine lobsters
  • Dungeness crabs
  • Mussels and more.


This restaurant provides outdoor seating, casual dining. The ingredient used are locally sourced. Do you know that the bar is always full of people eating large amount of Italian-American seafood dishes. If you like your cioppino to be solid, just get it at this restaurant.


The aim of the restaurant is to serve sustainably farmed oysters and shellfish which is raised on their farm on Tomales Bay. Fresh Local Seafood and seafood friendly cocktails featuring small craft spirits and fresh herbs+botanicals. They offer outdoor seating and delivery.


This restaurant have something for everyone. They have happy hour specials, wheel chair reservations, casual dining


  • Seafood
  • Cioppino
  • Wok crab
  • Sand dabs and a great steak.


In this restaurant they have family friendly food truck. There is outdoor seating that serves these in British style

  • Fish & Chips
  • Calamari
  • Clam Chowder and more.

It is so amazing to discover that there are sea food restaurant you can get in San francisco at an affordable price. Hurry and get the freshest sea food at these restaurant above. We would love to get your feedback.

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