DanMachi Memoria Freese Reroll Tier List 2023

DanMachi Memoria Freese Reroll Tier List 2023

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Delve into the world of Orario, gather your favorite heroes, and embark on epic adventures in DanMachi Memoria Freese. To aid you on your journey, we’ve crafted a comprehensive Memoria Freese Reroll Tier List , meticulously ranking all the heroes from best to worst. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your DanMachi adventure, this tier list will guide you in making the most strategic choices for your party.



S-Tier Heroes: The Pinnacle of Power


Dressed Royal Riveria Ljos Alf


Knight Elf Ryu Lion


Elf’s Honor Lefiya Veridis


Black Fist Lunor Faust


Virgin Goddess Artemis


Crimson Tempest Ais Wallenstein


Mighty King Ottarl


Smithy Expert Welf Crozzo


Echoing Arrow Liliruca Arde


Honor Succession Bell Cranel


Roaring Gale Ryu Lion


Longing Bride Liliruca Arde


Gorgeous Princess Ais Wallenstein


A-Tier Heroes: Strong Contenders


Moonlight Oath Bell Cranel


Passionately Postal Tione Hiryute


Crimson Dress Tione Hiryute


Holy White Royal Riveria Ljos Alf


Blustering Beauty Tiona Hiryute


Gale Disguised Ryu Lion


Almighty Fighter Asfi Al Andromeda


Brave Swordsman Finn Deimne


Fushi-kaden Hitachi Chigusa


Faithful Mage Line Arshe


Gallant Fighter Chloe Lolo


Gale Ryu Lion


Twinkle Stream Tione Hiryute


Amber Sunflower Tiona Hiryute


Honor Princess Ais Wallenstein


Medicinal Archer Naza Ersuisu


Casino Lady Shakti Varma


Secret Onsen Hitachi Chigusa


Brave Fighter Anya Fromel


B-Tier Heroes: Solid Choices


Cute Elf Filvis Challia


Lovely Travel Liliruca Arde


White Flash Anakitty Autumn


Blushing Peony Tione Hiryute



Masked Braver Finn Deimne


Sparkle Princess Ais Wallenstein


Geisha Elf Lefiya Viridis


Will of Iron Kashima Ouka


Enjoy Onsen Liliruca Arde


Feline Lancer Anya Fromel


Elven Awakening Lefiya Viridis


C-Tier Heroes: Room for Improvement


King Ottarl


Blessed Elf Filvis Challia


Bathroom Princess Ais Wallenstein


Onsen Princess Asfi Al Andromeda


Thunderous Perseus Asfi Al Andromeda


The Shadow Fels


Royal Elf Riveria Ljos Alf


Superior Reign Ottarl


Black Cat Chloe Lolo


Sailor Princess Asfi Al Andromeda


D-Tier Heroes: The Path to Greatness Awaits


Howling Blade Welf Crozzo


Silver Moonshadow Bete Loga


Incantation Lefiya Viridis


Classy Gentlemen Finn Deimne


Dea Saint Amid Teasanare


Iron Warrior Tsubaki Collbrande


Bashful Elf Lefiya Viridis


Argonaut Bell Cranel


Bunny Princess Ais Wallenstein


Maenad’s Maiden Filvis Challia


Dancing Blessing Tiona Hiryute


Heroic Liaris Ais Wallenstein



Disguised Pallum Liliruca Arde


Samurai Kunoichi Yamato Mikoto


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a tier list in DanMachi Memoria Freese, and why is it important?


A Memoria Freese Reroll Tier List is a ranking of heroes based on their overall effectiveness in the game. It’s crucial because it helps players make informed decisions when building their teams for various in-game challenges. Higher-tier heroes are generally more powerful and can make progressing in the game easier.

2. How often is the DanMachi Memoria Freese tier list updated?


Tier lists are typically updated when there are significant game changes, such as new hero releases, balance adjustments, or major updates. It’s essential to keep an eye on updates to ensure you’re using the most current tier list.

3. Can I be successful in DanMachi Memoria Freese using only high-tier heroes?


While high-tier heroes can make certain aspects of the game easier, skill, strategy, and team composition also play a significant role in success. It’s possible to excel with lower-tier heroes if you build your team wisely and use them effectively.

4. How can I reroll for top-tier heroes in DanMachi Memoria Freese?


To reroll, you can start the game with a new account and use the initial in-game currency to summon heroes. If you don’t get the desired heroes, you can restart and repeat the process until you obtain the heroes you want.




In the boundless realm of DanMachi Memoria Freese, your heroic odyssey awaits. This tier list, meticulously ranking heroes from the pinnacle of power to the path of potential, serves as your compass through the labyrinthine challenges of Orario. Whether you march alongside S-Tier titans, A-Tier stalwarts, or even the promising heroes in lower tiers, remember that your journey is your own. 


As the game’s landscape evolves, adaptability is key; frequent updates may reshape your strategy. But with the right heroes, a well-honed team, and unwavering determination, you’ll conquer dungeons, thwart adversaries, and etch your legend into the chronicles of DanMachi. Embark on your adventure, and let the epic unfold.


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