Deimos Armored Transport

Starfield: Deimos Armored Transport – A Cosmic Mystery Unveiled

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A little bit of mystery never hurt anyone, right? In the vast cosmos of “Starfield,” players have the opportunity to stumble upon the enigmatic Deimos Armored Transport. When you encounter this cosmic behemoth drifting through the void of space, it raises intriguing questions: What secrets does it hold, and what treasures await inside? 



This comprehensive guide will unravel the mysteries of the Deimos Armored Transport and help you make the most of your interstellar exploration.


Uncovering the Deimos Armored Transport:


The Deimos Armored Transport is a colossal spacecraft that promises adventure and riches to those who dare to explore it. To find this massive vessel, venture to the orbit above Grissom in the Alpha Centauri system. Grissom, a moon of the planet Bondar, can be reached via a short journey from Jemison, on the other side of the system’s sun. 


As you approach the Deimos Armored Transport, press ‘E’ on your keyboard or ‘X’ on your controller to target it. When you are within 500 meters, the option to dock will become available. Hold ‘R’ on the keyboard or ‘X’ on the controller to initiate the docking procedure.


The Exploration Begins:


Upon boarding the Deimos Armored Transport, you’ll find yourself in the first room. There’s not much of interest here, but don’t be discouraged. Ascend the stairs to the right, and as you reach the top, you’ll experience the occasional shutdown of life support and gravity. Be prepared for intermittent periods of navigating in zero gravity as you explore the ship’s interior.


Following the Trail of Loot:


In the next room, descend the stairs and confront the pirates, including one in a small adjoining room to the right. Inside this room, look up at the ceiling to spot a vent leading upward. Position yourself beneath the vent, and when gravity fails, propel yourself upward by jumping. At the top, you’ll discover a corridor housing a contraband cache. This hidden treasure trove contains various contraband items, which you can smuggle or sell. 


If your ship features shielded cargo storage, you can conceal the contraband there, or you can venture to the nearby Wolf System and exchange it for credits at The Den, courtesy of the Trade Authority.


Navigating Further Challenges:


The subsequent room is inhabited by more pirates, so make quick work of them before proceeding. Explore the smaller rooms upstairs to uncover ammo and weapon cases. One of the rooms leads to an open elevator shaft. Step inside and look upward. Here, you’ll need to adapt to zero gravity once more. 


Propel yourself up the elevator shaft for two stories until you reach an open door at the top. Beyond this door lies a set of rooms, constituting living quarters with a couple of pirates rifling through them. Eliminate the pirates and scavenge the rooms for valuable loot.


Unlocking the Final Vault:


Towards the end of these quarters, on the left, you’ll find a door leading to a ramp that descends. Follow the ramp to its conclusion, where you’ll encounter a door that you can unlock. Inside, you’ll confront a high-level enemy. 



Defeat this formidable adversary, loot their belongings, and progress to a control room. At the end of a corridor in this room, you’ll encounter a locked door and a console. Utilize the console to unlock the door, revealing that it leads back to the elevator shaft you previously ascended.


The Grand Finale:


Within one of the rooms, you’ll notice turbine-like devices in motion. Wait for the power to dissipate, and navigate through this area. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a broken door beside a damaged pipe. 


Move past the broken pipe, descend the steps behind it, and make your way to the door at the end. Enter this area to discover a computer console, which you should use to unlock the vault door situated at the beginning of the Deimos. 


Return along your previous path, passing through the spinning machines, taking care to proceed when the power is off. Utilize the shortcut through the elevator shaft to retrace your steps to the starting area of the ship, where the open vault awaits.


The Riches of the Cosmos:


Upon entering the vault, you’ll find another shaft leading upward. Follow it when gravity is inactive, and at the top, you’ll discover several doors you can open. 


Inside these rooms, you’ll encounter a selection of randomly generated loot, rewarding your exploration of the Deimos Armored Transport. 


Once your pockets are filled with these cosmic treasures, you are free to depart from the Deimos and continue your interstellar journey, no doubt enriched by your adventure.


Unraveling Cosmic Mysteries:


The Deimos Armored Transport holds secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers in the boundless cosmos of “Starfield.” 



As you venture deeper into the universe, keep an eye out for enigmatic encounters like these, which contribute to the allure and mystique of Bethesda’s latest cosmic odyssey. 


Whether you seek adventure, riches, or the thrill of unraveling cosmic mysteries, the Deimos Armored Transport is just one of the many wonders that “Starfield” has in store.


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