Do Discord Music Bots Still Work?

Do Discord Music Bots Still Work
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Do Discord Music Bots Still Work? As you may already be aware, Groovy and Rythm, the two most renowned music bots on Discord, were shut down. Google sent them a cease and desist letter to shut down their services because they breached YouTube’s Rules of Service. If you are currently searching for Discord music bots that are still functional in 2023 and can serve as suitable replacements for Groovy or Rythm, we have you covered.


Excellent Discord Music Bots Still Active in 2023

Here are some of the most effective music bots that can serve as viable substitutes to your favorites. Several of them may discontinue support for YouTube videos to avoid receiving a notification from Google. If any bots are shut down in the future, we will update this article accordingly. Check their official websites or Discord servers to determine if they support Spotify, YouTube, and other media platforms.

Hydra bot includes customization possibilities, a list of commands, support for multiple languages, and more. Premium offers global volume control, autoplay, audio effects, 24/7 playback, an infinite number of saved playlists, etc. It features Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish in addition to English. When configuring the bot, you can create a distinct channel for music requests. This bot is high-quality, user-friendly, and well-liked in the Discord community, so you may use it as an immediate replacement for Groovy. This is one of the greatest accessible!

Jockie Music

Jockie Music lets you to play music from YouTube (at the time of this article’s last update), Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and other services. Additionally, it features some easy-to-follow instructions. To listen to songs from a YouTube or Spotify playlist, for instance, you must join a voice channel and type m! play followed by the link to the playlist. To skip a song, enter m!skip, and to configure the bot’s capabilities, enter m!setup.


Mee6 provides a variety of features for Discord users, such as moderation, custom commands, reaction roles, and more. Mee6 is utilized by over 14 million servers, similar to other prominent bots, and is regarded as one of the top moderation and music bots. With this straightforward and relatively stable bot, you may listen to music directly from your Discord server.

This bot can also notify you when a certain Twitch or YouTube content provider begins a new stream or publishes new material. In addition, you can use the leveling system to level up quickly and earn special rewards. I have personally utilized this one and can attest to its quality.


Fredboat is a free music bot for Discord servers that you may add and utilize. It can play music from platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch. With this bot, listeners can shuffle their playlists, and you can also take use of a few other capabilities.

The Chip Bot

Using Chip bot, it is simple to acquire high-quality music. It features numerous settings that you can use to optimize your experience. Also, it maintains a 24/7 uptime. If you subscribe to the premium service, you gain access to numerous bonuses, like bass boost, 8D filter, nightcore mode, and many others.


Do you enjoy Lofi music? This Chillbot for Discord is at your service. Use many instructions to play lofi beats, and have fun! Also, this bot has a 99% uptime, so you can relax and hang out with friends without any problems.

Best Bot to Replace Groovy or Rhythm (BMO)


You can do a great deal with BMO bot, including music, games, reminders, to-do lists, picture editing, self-roles, and more. Explore everything this bot offers on your server by giving it a try!


This bot has been around for quite some time, and in addition to music, it provides dank memes and a variety of other entertaining content. If you wish to replace Groovy or Rythm with a bot that offers high-quality audio, consider this one.

Vexera vexera music bot

Vexera is a free, versatile bot deployed on over 300,000 servers. You can use it for moderation, to greet or farewell members, and to play music, of course. Several instructions can be used to control the music currently being played.

Want to listen to music continuously on Discord? This bot will allow you to do precisely that 24/7. Play any live stream or radio station and receive additional premium features. Check the supported sources to determine which songs can be listened to uninterruptedly.


Botify, as its name suggests, brings songs from the Spotify platform and many more directly to your Discord conversations. Moreover, you can play music via Soundcloud links and Twitch feeds. The finest aspect is that it is completely free, open-source, and offers easy-to-understand player controls. Use the bot’s customisation possibilities to your advantage.

Lofi Radio

Lofi Radio is another another music bot that allows you to listen to beautiful lo-fi music. It will be active on your server around-the-clock and will only stop when instructed. If you are a fan of lo-fi music, this is the one for you, as it features high-quality audio and no lag.



JMusicBot provides rapid song loading, smooth listening, a clean interface, support for playlists, and a multitude of other features, which may be precisely what you are searching for. You may configure and operate it yourself, which is a unique feature. See its GitHub page for more details.

How do Music Bots Function?

Music bots for Discord allow you to play music while using the platform. So that you can relax and listen to your favorite songs during community chat sessions. The bot will pull music from a variety of streaming services and play it for you through Discord.

If you are seeking for the greatest Discord music bots to replace Groovy or Rythm in 2023, try one or more of those listed above. We will continue to add bots to this list, so please check back frequently.

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