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Download Youtube video fast, download mp3 from Youtube, convert high quality YouTube to mp3

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Youtube is one of the great app you can have to download any  videos of your choice and you can also streamline your videos. There are many youtube users all over the world. It is a place you can watch your favorite series. The purpose of this article is to let you know how to download videos on youtube very fast and how to covert high quality  YouTube video to mp3. You would also acquire knowledge on how to download mp3 from youtube


What is mp3?

Mp3 is a digital audio file that has been compressed. You can save a lot of quantities of data through a ministure hard disk drive that it contains. One can store these files that you can always play again during your free or leisure time in a memory chips. You can use it for your podcast if you are interested in presenting and also audio books.

Different methods of downloading mp3 on youtube


Download mp3 on a YouTube with 320ytmp3

Open 320ytmp3. Then you should highlight the text and copy the YouTube url. After copying the text you paste what you copied into 320ytmp3. Then click the ‘Search’ button. Select your mp3 which is your audio quality. Think128kbps which is standard. Click the  ‘Convert’ button. Then you press the download button. Instantly, your youtube would start to download.


Download MP3 from YouTube with


Open the YouTube url. You should just type the letters ‘mz’ not before but after you type ‘youtube’. Then, press ‘Enter’. You dont have to press the convert button but the ‘Download’ button. Once that is done your mp3(audio) would start downloading.


Download mp3 from youtube with ytmp3

Open ytmp3 by going there; you should highlight the text to copy the YouTube url then paste it into ytmp3. You would see ‘Download mp3’ then you click it. Your mp3 would start downloading.

How to convert high quality youtube to mp3

Once you follow this instructions below on how to convert youtube into mp3; you would get the result you desire:


Go to your YouTube and the video link you want to covert should be copied and then you paste the link on the search box you would see. The converter would process it while you wait. Once the conversion is completed, do well to click the download button. The file would be downloaded and you can have access to it anytime you want.

Conversion of youtube is very easy with the help of this information provided. Enjoy your new mp3 conversion once you have applied this knowledge above.

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