Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting

Dragon Age Keep Sync Troubleshooting

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The Dragon Age Keep is where all game decisions will be preserved for import into Dragon Age: Inquisition and future games. If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing difficulties getting your characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 to appear in the Keep; if so, continue reading.


Check out the Dragon Age Keep FAQ if you’re looking for more general information on what the Keep is and how it functions. If you are having issues importing from the Keep to Dragon Age: Inquisition, please refer to this area.

In order to use your prior heroes in the Keep, you must have registered your games to your Origin account and synchronized your characters from the games. Please note, however, that character synchronization is optional. The only things that synchronize are your character’s name, photo, class, race, and accomplishments – NOT the tale.

Choose a preset hero that matches your character’s race and class to achieve a similar effect in the Keep. In both instances, you will be required to access the tapestry in order to select your actions during that playthrough/world state. If you’re experiencing difficulties importing your characters, remember that the only difference will be cosmetic (mostly the 2D portrait), and that the most important thing is to set up the world state you wish to utilize in Inquisition.

Read on if you wish to attempt to resolve the issue. Don’t forget to read the Known Issues page first, as the problem you are experiencing may be one that the team is already aware of and working on.

Please complete out the DA Syncing Survey for the Keep team if you continue to experience issues after doing everything in this guide. If you wish to ask a question or receive assistance in the comments section, please return to this page.

What and how the Keep syncs

The Keep will sync character data (name, photo, class, race, and achievements) from data uploaded from your games. Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 post this information directly from the games to the old BSN, which the Keep will then retrieve.

And with that, let’s get started!

Go to Step 1: Make sure your games are patched

Steps in this guide if you want to skip ahead:

Step 1: Make sure your games are patched


Step 2: Disabling the developer console

Step 3: Signing in to the game & setting your options

Step 4: The Re-saving Trick

Step 5: Try to force a data upload

Step 6: Old / Legacy BSN Profile Diagnostics

Also see: Other things you can try

Dragon Age: Inquisition importation

You will need to manage your world state and import it into Dragon Age: Inquisition once everything is synchronized properly from Origins and 2 to the Keep or you have constructed a world state from scratch. Refer to the following pages:
How to Import Your World State from the Dragon Age Keep into the Inquisition Tutorial – World State Manager

How to – Inquisition Your International State

If you’re still having problems importing into Dragon Age: Inquisition after following these recommendations, send the Keep team a tweet.


Extremely crucial when importing your world state into the game: this does not occur until after you have begun to develop your character. You will initiate a new game, select your race, class, gender, and game difficulty, and then be prompted to import from Dragon Age Keep. There is a Dragon Age Keep button in the Extras section of the game that only links to the website; it is not used for importing.

Again, the only items that will sync between the first two games and the Keep are your character’s name, portrait, achievements, race, and class.

Fill out the DA Syncing Survey for the Keep team and send them a tweet if you continue to experience issues after attempting the solutions provided.

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