GTA Online Stash House Safe Codes

Unlocking Secrets: GTA Online Stash House Safe Codes

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GTA Online is a constantly evolving gaming world, offering players new experiences and challenges with each update. The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC brought a wave of excitement, introducing us to the thrilling prospect of breaking into stash houses, which are teeming with supplies collected by rival gangs. But the question that arises is: how do you unlock these well-guarded safes within the stash houses? We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to become a successful stash house raider in GTA Online.


Cracking the Code: Stash House Safes


In GTA Online, players have the chance to engage in a variety of daily events, and stash houses are one of them. Each day, you can target one stash house, make your way inside, and lay your hands on the valuable supplies concealed behind a secure safe. The catch? You need the right combination of codes to unlock it.


The Safe Codes: Deciphering the Mystery


So, what are these elusive codes, and how can you find them? Here’s a list of possible combinations that can unlock the safes in the stash houses:














Each of these codes could open a safe in a stash house, but the catch is that you’ll only find one code per safe. It’s like a treasure hunt, and the thrill lies in discovering the right code.


As you infiltrate a stash house, keep your eyes peeled for a small yellow sticky note. This inconspicuous piece of paper will hold the key to unlocking the safe within that particular stash house. With the code in hand, you’re one step closer to the coveted loot hidden away in the safe.


The Rewards: What Lies Inside?


Now that you’ve mastered the art of unlocking stash house safes, what awaits you inside?


For those who have embarked on the journey of an MC President, the stash houses offer a truly rewarding opportunity. If you own multiple MC businesses, robbing a stash house will fully resupply one of these businesses with stock. 


This translates to a whopping $75,000 worth of value, and the best part is that your MC business will start generating income at no additional cost to you. It’s a win-win situation for those already invested in MC operations.


The Rewards for Non-Business Players



But what if you’re not part of the MC world? Don’t worry; there’s still a payday waiting for you. Non-business players who unlock a stash house safe will receive a flat $30,000 for their efforts. While it might be less than what MC Presidents reap, it’s still an easy and quick $30,000 in your pocket, making it a worthy endeavor for all players.




GTA Online’s stash houses and their secret safes are a thrilling addition to the game, offering both challenge and reward to players. Whether you’re an MC President looking to boost your business or simply seeking some quick cash, these safes hold the potential for both adventure and profit. So, get out there, crack the codes, and see what treasures await within those stash house safes in the ever-expanding world of GTA Online.


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