How Do I Delete My Nike Member Profile?

How Do I Delete My Nike Member Profile
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How Do I Delete My Nike Member Profile? Sign in to or any Nike app, navigate to your account settings, and tap or click the “Erase Account” option to delete your Nike Member profile. Please know that this action cannot be undone; removing your Nike Member Profile is irreversible.


Delete your profile indicates:

You will no longer have access to your Nike Member profile, benefits, or other profile-related information on any Nike platform.
Once your session expires, you will no longer have access to your activity data in the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps.
Your order history and related information will no longer be associated with the deleted profile. If you wish to retrieve order information after deactivating your account, you can access the order online (you’ll need the order number and email address) or you can contact us for assistance.
Your contributions to Nike’s social networks and other platforms outside of will not be affected.
If you wish to remove your Nike Member profile, please follow the instructions below.



Sign into your Nike account.
Access your preferences. Tap the menu in the upper right-hand corner of mobile devices. Tap your name, then tap “Account Settings,” followed by “Account.” On a computer, hover your mouse pointer over your name in the upper-right corner until a menu opens, then click “Account Settings.”
Scroll down and click or press “Delete.”
Mark “Yes, I wish to cancel my account” and then tap or click “Delete Your Account.”

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Launch any Nike app and navigate to your profile’s settings.
Select “Delete Account”
Select “Yes, I wish to delete my account” and then touch “Delete Account.”
Remember that deactivating your profile is irreversible. If you wish to become a Nike Member in the future, you will need to create a new profile.

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