How do i get out of 3D Mode in Photoshop?

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How do i get out of 3D mode in photoshop? Photoshop can build a variety of basic 3D objects using 2D layers as a starting point. After creating a 3D object, you can move it in 3D space, change render settings, add lighting, or merge it with other 3D layers.


How to Create 3D objects from 2D images

  • Convert 2D layers into 3D postcards (planes with 3D properties). If your starting layer is a text layer, any transparency is retained.
  • Wrap a 2D layer around a 3D object, such as a cone, cube, or cylinder.
  • Create a 3D mesh from the grayscale information in a 2D image.
  • Simulate a metalworking technique called repoussé by extruding a 2D object in 3D space.
  • Build a 3D volume from a multi-frame file such as a DICOM medical imaging file. Photoshop combines the individual slices of the file into a 3D object that you can manipulate in 3D space and view from any angle. You can apply various 3D volume render effects to optimize the display of various materials in the scan, such as bone or soft tissue.

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Using the Photoshop Animation timeline, you can create 3D animations that move a 3D model through space and change the way it displays over time. You can animate any of the following properties of a 3D layer:

  • 3D object or camera position. Use the 3D position or camera tools to move the model or 3D camera over time. Photoshop can tween frames between position or camera movements to create smooth motion effects.
  • 3D render settings. Change render modes, with the ability to tween transitions between some render modes. For example, change Vertices mode gradually to Wireframe over time, to simulate the sketching-in of a model’s structure.
  • 3D cross section. Rotate an intersecting plane to display a changing cross section over time. Change cross section settings between frames to highlight different model areas during an animation.

For high quality animations, you can render each animation frame using the Render for Final Output render setting.

How do i get out of 3D Mode in Photoshop?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your Photoshop projects, using the same old filters and techniques to create the same old results. But what if you want to break out of that rut and create something new?

One way to do that is to break out of the three-dimensional world and explore the possibilities of two-dimensional design. Two-dimensional design is more flat and abstract, and can be a great way to create something new and different with your Photoshop projects.


So how do you get out of 3D mode in Photoshop? It’s actually quite easy.

Just go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. In the General tab, look for the Default View Mode option and select 2D. That’s all there is to it!

Now when you open a new project, it will default to two-dimensional mode. You can still use all of your usual Photoshop filters and tools, but they will work in a different way on this new, flat canvas.

Why not give it a try today and see what amazing new results you can achieve?


TIP: 3D mode in Photoshop can be tricky to get out of if you’re not familiar with the software. If you accidentally click into 3D mode, you may be unable to return to your previous 2D workspace. Be very careful when exploring new features in Photoshop, and make sure you know how to get back to a familiar interface if you need to.


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