How do you Fix a Broken Cigarette

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How do you fix a broken cigarette? All smokers have been there, you go in your pocket or your bag to pull out a cigarette, and it’s broken. Breaking a cigarette can be terrible, especially if it’s your last one. However, there are a few tricks that you can learn to help save your cigarette from going to waste.

How do you Fix a Broken Cigarette

Break your cigarette completely in half. Sometimes when cigarettes break, they don’t break all the way through. For this method, you’ll have to break your cigarette so that it is in two separate pieces. It needs to be in two completely separate pieces because you’ll be inserting one piece of your cigarette into the other.

Take the filtered end of the cigarette first. Look for the line where tube of the cigarette ends, and remove any remaining paper or tobacco that is left after that line. This piece should now be just the cigarette filter and tube. Set this piece of your cigarette to the side.

Pick up the other half of your cigarette. Start by taking the broken end of the cigarette and removing any loose tobacco. Now, gently twist the end between your fingers – as if you were twisting the wrapper of a tootsie roll – to close it so that no more tobacco falls out. Do not twist too tight, as air will not flow through it.

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Insert the newly twisted end of the cigarette into the hollow tube end of the filtered piece of cigarette. Gently twist and nudge the twisted end into the tube so that the two pieces become secured into one. Be gentle while piecing your cigarette together, or you may break it even further.

  • If you’re unable to piece your cigarette back together, don’t try to force or shove it into place.
  • If you’re having problems piecing your cigarette back together, it might be time to use a rolling paper to fix your cigarette.
  • Light up and enjoy your cigarette as you normally would. You should be able to smoke it without any complications.

Take your rolling paper, and put it on a flat surface. Flat surfaces like counters and tables will make it easier to roll your cigarette in the rolling paper. Rolling papers can be purchased at most gas stations, convenience stores, and smoke shops.

Place your broken cigarette in the center of the rolling paper. As you set the pieces of your cigarette onto the rolling paper, push the broken pieces of the cigarette together, so it looks like the cigarette isn’t broken. This will allow your cigarette to be rolled and smoked without a problem.

Roll your cigarette in the rolling paper. Tightly wrap your rolling paper around the cigarette so that it holds the broken pieces together as one. Start by folding your rolling paper in half, so that the broken section of your cigarette is covered by the paper.

  • Proceed to tightly roll your cigarette in the rolling paper. Roll the cigarette in the rolling paper firmly against the table to ensure that you get a tight roll.
  • Once you reach the end of the rolling paper, lift up your newly rolled cigarette and lightly lick the paper. Then press the end of the rolling paper down so that it stays in place
Use only the adhesive section of the rolling paper. You also have the option to use only the adhesive part of a rolling paper, as opposed to the entire rolling paper if you’d like. Using only the adhesive is nearly identical to using the entire rolling paper. Some people prefer their cigarettes to have less paper, which is why this is an option.

  • Piece your cigarette together, place the broken section of the cigarette on the adhesive of the rolling paper, wrap the paper over the cigarette like a cast, and lick it in place to secure.
Smoke your cigarette as you normally would. The rolling paper will hold your cigarette together like it’s brand new. You should be able to smoke your entire cigarette without a problem.
Just follow the steps above and you would be able to fix your broken cigarette. you can give us your feedback regarding this subject.



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