How Do You Leave the Institute?

How Do You Leave the Institute

How Do You Leave the Institute? We’ve already shown you how to identify and join the Institute in Fallout 4, but how can you leave? And I don’t mean how to irritate them enough to lose their friendship; that will happen later in the story when you have to choose a faction to side with. I mean, everything is in an underground bunker with no doors.

You could only get in by teleporting through a massive machine you built yourself. You don’t see any of those things lying about, so how do you escape? The majority of players will find it out on their own, but some have had difficulty, so here’s a simple guide to explain how to exit the Institute in Fallout 4.

When you get to the Institute, you will be led down a tight route. You will eventually encounter Father, the enigmatic Institute chief, and learn the primary plotline’s mystery. I won’t give anything away, but you’ll be given the option of joining the Institute or learning more about it. After a while of following this quest, you’ll be told to meet with all four of the Institute’s department heads.

Load this quest and proceed as directed, meeting with all four leaders. Dr. Li in Advanced Systems will explain that they are putting a chip that will allow you to quickly enter and exit the Institute, but this isn’t yet unlocked. Finish your journey and return to Father. When you finish this conversation, your Pip-Boy will be fully improved. You may then bring it up, navigate to the map, and quickly travel to any other area in the Fallout 4 wasteland.

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You can continue to fast travel in and out of their location as long as you remain on good terms with the Institute. Alternatively, if you reject Father and the Institute, you must return to the room where you were transferred. You can teleport out of this area after loading the Network Scanner at any terminal.

It is crucial to note, however, that there are some faults and quirks involved here. If you’ve done everything and are still unable to quick travel out, you may have encountered one. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to load a prior save before entering the Institute.

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