How Long Does It Take A Suit To Get Tailored?

How Long Does It Take A Suit To Get Tailored
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How Long Does It Take A Suit To Get Tailored


A superb suit can only get you so far in terms of style. Even with a low-cost, off-the-rack suit, you will need to have it tailored in order to have the full effect of looking sharp. Appropriately tailored suits are transformative; they will enhance your every angle, expand your shoulders, and slim your waist. Numerous individuals who wear suits are unaware of the process involved in having one custom-tailored.

Pants hemming is only a small part of the tailoring process. Understanding the fundamentals of tailoring can assist you in identifying the right fit and collaborating with your tailor to get a stunning appearance.

The quick answer is yes, if you wish to appear your best, you should get it tailored. If you have someone you want to impress, or if you have a role in a wedding or other formal event, you should definitely get it fitted.

Custom Suit Tailoring

Whether you need a new suit for a job or an event, you will need to have it customised by a specialist to highlight your characteristics and maximise your investment. Therefore, the natural question is, “Where do you go?” How will the tailor modify your new suit?

How Long Does It Take to Customize a Suit? 

The amount of time necessary to tailor a suit relies on two factors: the season and the location. If you shop at large department shops, such as Nordstroms, or with major labels, such as Men’s Warehouse, it can easily take three to four weeks, and often even six.

However, if you are in a hurry, you have a higher chance of finding a mom-and-pop company that can complete the job in less than two weeks, and frequently at a lower cost. When I needed to have a suit cut for a wedding, I was quoted three weeks, but when I went to a little local shop, they completed it in three days. Life savers.

Clothing Shop for Men 

A standard department shop cannot fulfil your tailoring requirements. Despite the fact that ladies may hem your jeans or attempt to measure you, they are often not experts in men’s clothing.

The stores specialising in men’s fashion will be far better equipped to alter your outfit. A competent tailor will measure, re-measure, fit, and re-fit you in order to create the perfect suit for your body. Men’s Wearhouse, Friar Tux, and Nordstroms are among the stores you can visit. Depending on where you go and how much work you need completed, these services can cost anywhere from $25 to $250. It may be more expensive to have this completed by a high-end tailor.

One of our employees had his slacks changed in one location and his suit jacket in one area, totaling $50.00 in alterations. The greater the number of regions on a garment, the higher its cost.

Closed Collar Gaps A man wearing a suit with collar gaps.

Indeed, collar gaps exist. Your neck will be measured by your tailor to ensure that the collar fits properly around your neck. Unfitting suits create an ugly gap between the collar of the shirt and the jacket. Others will perceive it despite your inability to do so.

Your suit jacket should be tailored to fit tightly over your shoulders. Avoid wearing a suit with too loose shoulders. You should be able to have natural movement without sagging, without the garment being overly tight. The shoulders of a suit are so critical that many tailors will work with you to select an off-the-rack suit that properly fits your shoulders, and then they will make additional alterations from there.

Sleeves and pants with a hem 

A sloppy overall appearance is created by extra-long pants and lengthy sleeves. Long pants make the wearer appear shorter and broader.

Pants that brush the tops of your shoes are well-fitted and elongate the appearance of your legs. Current fashion trends take this a step further and reveal more leg — it is time to flaunt your stylish socks!


Dress suit jackets should not resemble standard outdoor jackets in terms of fit. They must not reach your knuckles or hang from your arms. Your jacket sleeve should end approximately a quarter- to half-inch before the shirt sleeve. This style reveals a small portion of the shirt cuff and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

Sleeves and Trousers with Tapering

Tapering the sleeves and trousers of your suit will emphasise your silhouette and prolong its lines.

Suits off-the-rack are frequently made to accommodate men with a touch of girth in the waist. You will need to get your suit altered if you are a touch heavier or lighter than average. If you have a thin build, the boxy cut of a ready-to-wear suit will make you look sloppy.

Likewise, never settle for a suit that is too snugly fitting. In most instances, you will be wearing this suit jacket for an extended period of time, and you will want it to be comfortable.

DIY Suit Jacket Tailoring Instructions

Although a custom-tailored suit from a well-known brand may be preferable, not everyone has the time or resources to get one. There are several clever techniques that you may use to achieve a more personalised appearance on your own.

Shorten Sleeves

Flipping the jacket sleeves inwards will shorten the sleeves of your suit jacket. After achieving the correct length, bind the strands with a few bobby pins in the colour of your suit.


Binder clips can be used to improve the fit of your jeans if a belt does not complement your attire. Utilize the binder clips to secure the cloth in place at the rear of your waist.

Hem Pants

Using fabric tape, fold or cuff your jeans to the desired length and attach using fabric tape.

Size Matters 

While department stores are not the place to go for professional tailoring, they may measure you and advise you on the ideal size and cut for your suits. In this era of online buying, it is essential to know your measurements.

Even though they are the same size, different brands will fit you differently, so when purchasing online, be sure to consult size guides that include measurements.

How Long Does the Tailoring Process Take?

If you are a new client to the tailor, this procedure will take a little longer, as they will need to start from scratch. Nonetheless, you should normally anticipate a total of two to four weeks from the time of purchase until the set is complete. With smaller stores, delivery can be as quick as two days.


Consider that factors such as busy seasons can lengthen the duration of this process. If you need your suit to be completed quickly, certain tailors may provide a rush service for an additional price.

Additionally, the completion time may be affected by the sort of customising you require. For instance, if a specific fabric is not in stock, you will need to account for shipping times.

Suiting Your Suit Needs

It can be detrimental to our self-esteem if a sharp-looking suit on a hanger collapses and appears sloppy when worn. When going on a job interview or to a crucial meeting, the last thing we need is to have our self-esteem harmed by an ill-fitting suit. In a pinch, you can lengthen and accentuate your appearance by utilising last-minute tricks. Whether you visit a tailor or trim the suit yourself, it is evident that a well-fitting suit is essential for dressing like a lawyer.

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