How Long to Beat Shadow of Mordor?

How Long to Beat Shadow of Mordor
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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an action-adventure epic set in the dark, foreboding lands ruled by dark forces and featuring hordes of Orcs eager to defeat the protagonist, Talion. This 2014 comedy is based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium and follows the Gondorian Ranger and the ghost of Elf Lord Celebrimbor as they seek to avenge their loved ones.


With its vast, open-world environments, numerous collectibles, and hordes of Orcs in Talion’s path, Shadow of Mordor offers a seemingly endless amount of gameplay, especially for those attempting to complete the game. This guide will cover the fundamentals of the game’s content, collectibles, and objectives. This information will be tied together by emphasizing the time required to complete the campaign and the entire game.


How Many Missions Are In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor?

In terms of exploration and tasks, the game is open-ended, and there are even some primary missions that can be completed out of order. However, there is a primary campaign throughline that players must adhere to in order to complete the campaign. The game resembles a choose-your-own-adventure in that it sometimes splits into multiple arcs. These arcs must be completed in a specific order, but players can switch between story arcs.
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There are a total of 20 main missions, excluding DLC packs, which constitute the game’s core content. These missions must be completed in some fashion to conclude the campaign, despite the campaign’s loose order and structure parameters. The following are the missions:

Is this game really 15 hours?

I’d say it’s POSSIBLE to complete in 15 hours, but you’d have to be extremely skilled and not waste any time. I’ve invested roughly 16 to 17 hours and I’m not even halfway through. I’m also not that good at the game, so I’m doing a lot of side activities to build up my character. lol.

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