How Long to Beat Undertale

How Long to Beat Undertale

Undertale deviates from the standard RPG in multiple ways. The morality system and battle mechanics, for example, are unlike anything seen in triple-A games. In addition, the titles of the majority of other notable works in the genre are significantly lengthier than Toby Fox’s.

But what is Undertale’s exact length? This is a difficult issue to answer because it depends on how you play. A playthrough in which you wish to enjoy everything the game has to offer is far longer than a basic playthrough focusing on the story. Using the data collected by HowLongToBeat, it is possible to calculate the average completion times for both types of runs.

How Long to Beat Undertale

Completing Main Story

Undertale demonstrates that great story-driven video games don’t need to be lengthy quests with an abundance of cinematics. In actuality, the major plot may be completed in approximately seven hours.

However, there is some optional stuff you can access, such as visiting Temmie Village. Consequently, the average length of a typical playthrough is approximately 10 hours.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Undertale?

100% Completion Run-
Spending some time at Temmie Village will not be sufficient for a completionist. You will want to experience everything the game has to offer, such as interacting with the Dog Shrine and achieving all of the milestones or trophies. Perhaps you wish to experience each of the game’s many endings by completing the plot more than once. To complete this type of playing, you will require substantially more free time, as it takes at least 20 hours. However, if you play at a leisurely pace, the playtime can extend to 36 hours.

How Many Main Areas Are In The Game?

To reach the story’s conclusion, you must traverse a number of distinct regions. Each of the primary locations has it’s own aesthetic and collection of bosses. There are six in total, and they are as follows:

Ruins \Snowdin \sWaterfall
New Hotland CORE Property

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