How Much is Dragon Age Inquisition on Steam

How Much is Dragon Age Inquisition on Steam?

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How Much is Dragon Age Inquisition on Steam? When chaos falls from the sky, the world requires heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in the Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition. You are tasked with preserving the world from itself as the Inquisitor. However, the road ahead is strewn with challenging decisions.

 Thedas is a place of conflict. Even though a wider demonic invasion has begun, factions are continually at battle with one another. And you? You and your group of heroes are the only ones capable of holding it together. Your responsibility is to lead them…or fall.

Captivating, choice-based tale — In Inquisition, you’re not only choosing who to send into which combat; you’re also influencing the future of Thedas. Each decision has consequences, and your actions might result in a number of outcomes. Inquisition is a highly customized journey in which a single misstep can set in motion a chain of events that modifies the world’s physical properties, making your Thedas and your heroes feel really unique.

The universe of Thedas has never been larger or more intricate; it is wide open and eager for discovery. Locate enemy strongholds ripe for the taking. Discover subterranean caverns teeming with monsters. Thedas is huge and perilous, but learning its secrets can determine victory or defeat.

Intense, strategic combat – There is no incorrect way to play Dragon Age: Inquisition, unless you want to die. Fortunately, the optional strategic view provides a divine perspective on the combat. This view freezes time while you strategize, but if that’s not your thing, you may simply charge forward with your crossbows blazing.

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The Game of the Year version includes:

Flames of the Inquisition (base game) Arsenal, Armor, and Armored Mount Dragon Age Deluxe Edition Multiplayer Chests Skyhold Throne, Red Hart Halla, and Bog Unicorn Jaws of Hakkon DLC Pack

The Descent Add-On Content Pack
Pack of Trespasser DLC
The spoils of Avvar: Skyhold now has 5 new mounts, 2 new sets of armor, and new customization possibilities.
Treasures of the Qunari: New armor sets, including one in the manner of the Arishok, as well as Skyhold-themed goods.

DLC Jaws of Hakkon

Learn the destiny of the final Inquisitor and the formidable dragon he pursued.

The Descent Expansion Pack

Find the source of the unusual earthquakes that threaten Thedas by going underground.

Trespasser DLC

Determine the ultimate fate of the Inquisition as new threats emerge.

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