How Often Does Smite Release New Gods

How Often Does Smite Release New Gods
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In this article, we will show you how often does smite release new gods, Smite God Release Order, How Many Gods In Smite, Smite God Release Order and Smite Season 9 Update.


Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XBox, Playstation, and Switch.

The game almost never misses its bi-weekly patch. Updates are every other Tuesday morning and the patch notes are usually posted the previous Thursday. So, for instance, this Thursday (the 29th) they should post the patch notes for the patch that will upload next week, since there was no update today, on Tuesday the 29th.

New gods recently have been released once a month, or every other update, but that depends more on their timeline for coming up with the ideas and implementing them as well as breaks for big stuff like the World Championships a couple months ago and so on, so it varies a lot.

If they stick to the current schedule, the patch notes on Thursday might include information about the next god to release, which is supposed to be Jing Wei. However, given that the Smite Pro League is starting this week along with all the Smite 2nd birthday stuff, they might push her release off to the next patch… We’ll see.


Probably due to the new season changes they did (at least I think it was a couple of months between a couple/few of the gods). but otherwise it is every month.

Smite God Release Order, How Many Gods In Smite?

Smite god release order: The gods in Smite are from 13 different pantheons and are grouped into 5 classes, if you are searching for a Smite god release order, then this article helps you. Here, you can find the list of Smite god release order and How Many Gods In Smite.

Smite Game

Smite is a famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and ARTS game. Titan Forge Games developed the game, and Hi-Rez Studios published it. The game is available on shoppingmode Xbox One, PC, shoppingmode PlayStation 4, and shoppingmode Nintendo Switch. Players could select playable gods, creatures, and immortals from ancient mythology and join arena combat. Every playable character in the game has unique abilities and fighting styles. This session-based fight is mostly 5 players against another set of 5 players. Also, there are many other Game Modes with different rules and purposes, and the goal in most of them was to defeat the Titan in the opposite team’s base when protecting your own Titan. Scroll down to know Smite god release order.

How Many Gods In Smite?

Smite has 118 characters/gods, and the players can choose from them to play the game. The gods in Smite are from 13 different pantheons and are grouped into 5 classes. The pantheons which are available include Celtic, Arthurian, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan, Japanese, Norse, Roman, Polynesian, Slavic, and Voodoo. The other classes of the characters are Guardian, Assassin, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior. In a specific game, 2 players on the same team are not permitted to choose the same god, but they can select gods from the same pantheon or class. Every god in the game has a different attacking type and power type. There are many gods with extraordinary powers.

Smite God Release Order


Here is the Smite god release order.

Smite God Release Date Pantheons
Agni 2012-05-31 Hindu
Anubis 2012-05-31 Egyptian
Arachne 2012-05-31 Greek
Artemis 2012-05-31 Greek
Bastet 2012-05-31 Egyptian
Hades 2012-05-31 Greek
He Bo 2012-05-31 Chinese
Hel 2012-05-31 Norse
Hun Batz 2012-05-31 Mayan
Kali 2012-05-31 Hindu
Kukulkan 2012-05-31 Mayan
Odin 2012-05-31 Norse
Ra 2012-05-31 Egyptian
Sobek 2012-05-31 Egyptian
Vamana 2012-05-31 Hindu
Ymir 2012-05-31 Norse
Zeus 2012-05-31 Greek
Guan Yu 2012-06-29 Chinese
Bakasura 2012-07-20 Hindu
Anhur 2012-08-03 Egyptian
Cupid 2012-08-17 Roman
Thor 2012-09-07 Norse
Ares 2012-10-04 Greek
Freya 2012-10-18 Norse
Loki 2012-11-02 Norse
Bacchus 2012-11-19 Roman
Xbalanque 2012-12-21 Mayan
Hercules 2013-01-13 Roman
Vulcan 2013-01-31 Roman
Neith 2013-02-13 Egyptian
Poseidon 2013-02-28 Greek
Aphrodite 2013-03-13 Greek
Apollo 2013-03-28 Greek
Ne Zha 2013-04-17 Chinese
Fenrir 2013-05-01 Norse
Isis 2013-05-15 Egyptian
Athena 2013-06-05 Greek
Chronos 2013-07-10 Greek
Chang’e 2013-07-24 Chinese
Tyr 2013-08-07 Norse
Zhong Kui 2013-08-28 Chinese
Thanatos 2013-09-18 Greek
Mercury 2013-10-02 Roman
Sun Wukong 2013-10-23 Chinese
Ah Muzen Cab 2013-11-07 Mayan
Nu Wa 2013-12-05 Chinese
Chaac 2013-12-18 Mayan
Geb 2014-01-16 Egyptian
Nemesis 2014-02-06 Greek
Scylla 2014-03-05 Greek
Ullr 2014-03-19 Norse
Kumbhakarna 2014-04-16 Hindu
Osiris 2014-05-06 Egyptian
Janus 2014-05-28 Roman
Rama 2014-06-24 Hindu
Serqet 2014-07-15 Egyptian
Cabrakan 2014-08-19 Mayan
Sylvanus 2014-10-01 Roman
Nox 2014-10-29 Roman
Ao Kuang 2014-11-19 Chinese
Awilix 2014-12-17 Mayan
Hou Yi 2015-01-14 Chinese
Bellona 2015-02-25 Roman
Medusa 2015-04-01 Greek
Ah Puch 2015-04-28 Mayan
Ratatoskr 2015-06-02 Norse
Ravana 2015-06-30 Hindu
Khepri 2015-08-04 Egyptian
Xing Tian 2015-09-01 Chinese
Sol 2015-10-06 Norse
Chiron 2015-11-17 Greek
Amaterasu 2016-01-12 Japanese
Raijin 2016-02-16 Japanese
Skadi 2016-03-15 Norse
Jing Wei 2016-04-12 Chinese
Susano 2016-05-10 Japanese
Fafnir 2016-06-07 Norse
Erlang Shen 2016-07-06 Chinese
Terra 2016-08-02 Roman
Izanami 2016-08-30 Japanese
Camazotz 2016-10-11 Mayan
Thoth 2016-11-08 Egyptian
Nike 2016-12-06 Greek
The Morrigan 2017-01-10 Celtic
Kuzenbo 2017-02-14 Japanese
Cernunnos 2017-03-14 Celtic
Ganesha 2017-04-25 Hindu
Da Ji 2017-05-24 Chinese
Cu Chulainn 2017-06-20 Celtic
Artio 2017-08-01 Celtic
Hachiman 2017-09-13 Japanese
Discordia 2017-11-06 Roman
Cerberus 2018-01-09 Greek
Achilles 2018-02-27 Greek
Chernbog 2018-05-15 Slavic
Baron Samedi 2018-06-26 Voodoo
Pele 2018-08-06 Polynesian
Hera 2018-10-15 Greek
King Arthur 2019-01-07 Arthurian
Merlin 2019-02-11 Arthurian
Jormungandr 2019-03-05 Norse
Horus 2019-04-30 Egyptian
Set 2019-04-30 Egyptian
Heimdallr 2019-12-11 Norse
Persephone 2019-08-20 Greek
Yemoja 2019-10-15 Yoruba
Tiamat Babylonian 2021-02-23
Gilgamesh Babylonian 2021-04-20
Morgan Le Fay Arthurian 2021-06-15
Charybdis Greek 2021-08-24
Cliodhna Celtic 2021-10-19
Atlas Greek 2021-12-14

Smite Season 9 Updates

Smite season 9 is here. With it, many major updates and additions to the “Battleground of the Gods” are revealed. The developer elaborated on all the improvements add-ons during its Hi Rez Showcase. The studio outlined a few of what’s coming to the MOBA throughout 2022. Among the announcements made in the showcase was the Slash game mode- Smite’s 1st new permanent mode in years and a new god for players to control: Shiva the Destroyer. This February, Shiva will join the other Hindu gods in the game Bakasura, Agni, Ganesha, Kumbhakarna, Kali, Rama, Ravana, and Vamana.

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