How to be a Demonologist | Complete Guide

How to be a Demonologist
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Demonology is the study of demons, demon-related myths, and the demon hierarchy. They could be separate, non-human souls or discarnate spirits that have never lived in a body. Between these two classes, a clear distinction is frequently drawn, particularly among the Melanesians, some African communities, and others. For instance, the Islamic jinn cannot be reduced to altered human souls. These classes are usually thought to produce the same outcomes, such as diseases, at the same time.


Some cultures have the belief that spirits govern the universe, with each spirit dominating a different “element” or even an object while themselves being subject to a higher spirit. For instance, the Inuit are reputed to believe in the spirits of the sea, land, and sky, as well as in the winds, clouds, and other natural phenomena. Every point along the coastline, every island, and every large rock has a guardian ghost. [1] All have the potential to be cancerous, which can be supported by a claim that divine knowledge exists. [5] Numerous devils are said to populate the natural world, fill household items, and exist everywhere according to traditional Korean belief. They follow tourists in their hundreds, looking for them from their locations.

Who Is Demonologist?

One who studies demons and other evil creatures.

The character of the spiritual world

It is by no means ubiquitous to attribute malevolence to the world of spirits. The Mpongwe people of Central Africa, like the Inuit, believe in indigenous spirits, but they are generally not thought of as unpleasant. As they approach the spirits’ dwelling location, bystanders are required to make a little offering. The locals hold that a group of ghosts known as Ombuiri are responsible for the odd mischief, such as throwing a tree on a bystander.


Demons are generally classified as spirits which are believed to enter into relations with the human race. As such the term includes:

  1. angels in the Christian tradition that fell from grace,
  2. malevolent genii or familiars,[11]
  3. such as receive a cult (e.g., ancestor worship),
  4. ghosts or other malevolent revenants.\

Souls believed to reside in another realm are excluded. However, just as gods are not always spiritual, demons can also be seen of as physical beings. For instance, vampires are sometimes depicted as human heads with added entrails that emerge from graves at night to attack the living. The so-called Spectre Huntsman of the Malay Peninsula is supposed to be a man who searches the heavens with his dogs in vain for something he couldn’t find on Earth: a buck mouse-deer pregnant with male progeny. However, there is no evidence to suggest that he has ever died or that he is a ghost.

Where to study Demonology

Demonology courses are taught at a number of universities all over the world. Extrasensory perception and psychokinesis are first taught at Stanford University. Finally, University of Edinburg has been imparting parapsychology knowledge since 1985. Precognition research is owned by Cornell University, and University of Arizona studies personality after death, demon contact, and high-divine spirits as part of its VERITAS research project (SOPHIA research project).


The only university-sanctioned research program in the nation was founded in 1967 at the University of Virginia and is now known as the Department of Psychiatric Medicine. In addition to these, there are universities in the UK, Sweden, Los Angeles, California (UCLA), and the Netherlands where one can study parapsychology and demonology.

The Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia was founded in 1967 and is the only university-sanctioned research program in the nation. In addition to these universities, one can study parapsychology and demonology at Utrecth University, Lund University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and University of Amsterdam. The school of parapsychology offers an online/cyber class in addition to foundational parapsychology, exorcism and possession studies, and poltergeist investigation.


One may apply to one of these universities after finishing Class XII. Following graduation, one may choose to pursue a master’s degree in this subject from Swansea University in the United Kingdom, which provides an Ancient History MA by Research course. The founder and director of the Institute of Metaphysics, Dr. William A. Lester, once stated in an interview that it typically takes 18 to 24 months to complete these courses.

In addition to the dissertation, there is a ton of outside information. In addition, Dr. Lynne Campbell’s book “A Course in Demonology for Paranormal Investigators” has information on demonology, telekinesis, parapsychology, and psychic techniques.

Possibilities for a career


Since there is a lot of danger involved in this industry, it is crucial to research and examine cases to identify trends that will help with understanding. To practice as a demonologist, one needs to be extremely knowledgeable in exorcism, electronic voice phenomena, and other related topics. Demonologists are a vital component of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) squad. Sergeant Ralph Sarchie, the NYPD’s resident demonologist, is an appropriate example. In addition, one can work as a professor and lecturer, a spiritual healer, a paranormal vaastu expert, a paranormal investigator, or another profession.

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