How to Beat Muffet Pacifist | Simple Steps

How to beat muffet pacifist
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Muffet is a miniboss encountered in Hotland by the protagonist. She holds a bake sale and is furious because passersby do not purchase anything, despite the fact that she is offering pricey products for 9999 gold. She was a character that was purchased during the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

How to beat Muffet pacifist

1: Armor Do you have the Stained Apron and Burnt Pan? If not, go get them. They are the best attack and defence at this point in the game and boost healing. However, if you get hit a lot in one turn or have healing items that heal 20 HP or more, use the Torn Notebook, since you’re on a Pacifist run and damage doesn’t matter.


2: Attacks. On attacks you have trouble with, pay Muffet. Don’t forget to struggle 3 times first so you get a discount.


3: Last resorts. If you absolutely can’t beat her no matter what and it’s ruining the fun of the game, the last options available that I would not suggest in other conditions are Temmie Armor and hacking. For Temmie Armor, since I’m assuming you’ve died a bunch now, it should have a lowered price, probably enough to farm dog residue or cloudy glasses and buy it. (I’d recommend taking it off after the fight though, it ruins all the fun or challenge of the game.) As for hacking, you can look up how to get into the game files and hack your save. The 13th line of your save file is your first inventory slot, change it to 7. This will give you a spider donut. But then, you’d be a dirty hacker.

Option 2:

Reset the game and purchase something from the spider bake sale in the ruins if you wish to make the combat much shorter and easier. Then, simply consume this item at some point during the combat with Muffet, and the conflict will end.

Otherwise, the only way to defeat her in pacifist mode is to continue dodging her strikes; she will eventually (shortly after the “dinner” phase with the huge spider) receive a note from the spiders in the ruins and cease attacking you. (When it is your turn, a symbol will indicate the next attack she will do. If it is one you are having trouble with, go to the “Act” option and pay money (the amount will increase with each attempt, but it will slow down the next attack.)

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