How to Block a Buyer on eBay

How to Block a Buyer on eBay
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The majority of eBay sellers have excellent experiences and are quite appreciative to their customers. Occasionally, though, eBay sellers encounter dishonest purchasers who, at best, waste their time and, at worst, seek to conduct fraudulent transactions. Here’s how to block eBay customers in similar scenarios.

Reasons to consider blocking a buyer on eBay

When you block a customer on eBay, they are unable to purchase any of your products. Banned individuals can still view your items, but cannot bid, make an offer, or select “Buy it now.”

The act of blocking a buyer is distinct from blocking a contact on WhatsApp or Facebook. In addition to being able to view your listings, the buyer will also be able to communicate with you.


The practise of blocking purchasers on eBay should not be commonplace. Occasionally, though, you may have a valid reason to restrict someone from bidding or purchasing your things, especially if you have had a poor encounter with a certain customer in the past.


Among the valid justifications for excluding a customer are:

Purchases not paid for
Withdrawing offers
encounters that are harmful or abusive
Fraudulent activities
They are a competition, and you do not want them to be able to buy your stuff.
Once you block a bidder on eBay, their access to all of your listings will be denied. For this reason, eBay cautions sellers to utilise this function with caution.

You can add a buyer to your Blocked buyers list if you’ve had a problem with them and don’t want them to purchase or bid on your things. They will be unable to bid or purchase from you until you remove their information from the list.
Here’s a simple format on how to add a member to your blocked buyer list:
1.Go to the Block bidders or access buyers from your listings page.
2.Input the buyer’s username in the text box ( it allows up to 5,000 usernames).
3.Press Submit.

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