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How to Break a Nose Ring
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Do you want to know how to break a nose ring? if yes, this page is all you need.


If you wear a nose ring, you will eventually need to remove it. Perhaps you’d prefer to go ring-less for a particular occasion, such as a wedding or a ball.

Perhaps you’d like to clean it or replace it with a new piece of jewelry. Or perhaps you believe your time as a nose ring wearer is over.

We’ll walk you through all you need to know. There will be a strategy that fits both you and your jewelry, with 5 distinct ways to remove nose rings. So, if you’re ready, let’s learn more:

How to Break a Nose Ring

1. How To Remove Getting Ridob

Despite their name, seamless nose rings feature a gap in the middle. You’ll need to break your nose ring apart at that break point in order to remove it.

To do so, take the ring in both hands and gently but firmly twist it. It should separate at the break. You will then be able to softly slip it out of your nose. Applying moisturizer at the base of the piercing will help with this. This YouTube video demonstrates how to accomplish it.

Take note that you are not pulling the ends apart directly. You will destroy the hoop’s form if you do this. Instead, you twist the ring such that one end is higher than the other. This is what causes the gap, allowing it to be erased.

Due of the small size of nose rings, this can be extremely tricky. If you’re having trouble getting a solid grasp on your jewelry, opening and closing pliers can help. These aren’t just any pliers; they’re specifically made to aid with the manipulation of nose rings.

Look for a pair online, or seek help from a jeweler or piercing business.

2. How to Remove a Nose Ring Segment

A segment ring is typically easy to remove. This is due to the fact that it is constructed with a part that pulls out of the ring, allowing you to remove it.

Begin by holding the removable piece in one hand and the remaining ring portion in the other. Remove the two components from one another. Take your time and don’t twist the ring. You’ll avoid harming yourself or your jewelry this way.


As you pull, the portion should come straight out, so keep a strong grasp on it! Once it’s out, slip the rest of your ring gently out of your nose. Apply a small amount of lotion to the base of your piercing, inside your nostril. This will aid in the easy removal of the nose ring.

3. Taking Off A Hinged Nose Ring

Some nose rings have a hinge and clasp to keep them tight while making removal easy. Take the bottom portion of the hoop between your fingers if you have this type of nose ring. Gently pull up the hinged portion with your other hand.

The clasp should pop open, allowing you to remove the ring via your nose. Close the hoop again after removal to avoid any distortion. Align the closing with the clasp and click it into position to accomplish this.

4. Taking Out A Nose Stud

Are you going to a wedding or a special occasion and want to switch up your nose stud for something a little more sparkly? Regardless of the reason, removing a nose stud is as simple as removing a ring. Here’s how to go about it.

Your nose stud will be made up of a short, straight post that is joined to the stud. There’s normally a little bead within your nostril that keeps it from sliding out.

Hold the stud between your fingers with one hand and the bead firmly with the other. Pull your two hands apart smoothly.

Because of the limited area in your nostril, this can be fairly awkward. Take your time and don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries.

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5. Taking Out A Nostril Screw


The nose screw originated in India but has since spread throughout the Western world. To the untrained eye, it seems to be a nose stud. The distinction is what is happening inside your nostril.

The end inside your nostril features a l-shaped bar or a hook rather than a straight bar. However, removing it is a similar procedure.

Make sure the l-shaped part is pointed outwards, away from the inside of your nostril. Then, carefully tug on your nose stud. Point the stud towards the centre of your nose once the nose screw is mostly out. Gently pull down again, and the rest of the nose screw will come out.

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