How to Break into Converse

How to Break into Converse

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How to break into converse? Many new Converse owners struggle with pain and blisters when wearing their new shoes for the first time, leading to the common query of how to break in Converse? Sure, Converse shoes can last for years, but they can be tough on your feet in the beginning. In fact, many Chuck Taylor wearers find ways to loosen them. Here’s what we found to be the best way to break into new Converse shoes:


How to Break into Converse

  • Apply Hairdryer to Expand the Canvas

No matter the material, whether they are canvas or leather, the heat from the hairdryer can make any pair of Chucks more comfortable once the material expands.

Here are the steps for the hairdryer method:

  1. Before applying heat, wear thick socks. Wearing thick socks will protect your feet from the heat. There’s no harm in taking extra precautions, even though the heat from a hair dryer is not enough to burn you
  2. Tie your Converse loosely. Shoes are meant to fit fairly loosely, not overly tight. By tying the laces of your Chucks slightly loose, you give the shoes a chance to expand
  3. Apply medium heat directly at the Converse shoes. Aim the nozzle at areas that are prone to rubbing like the toe box, ankle lines, and heel lines. Continue until your shoes become warm and soft.
  4. Walk around in your warm Converse until they cool off. Don’t be afraid to jog around and bounce lightly. Movements like these can help loosen the shoes faster.

If your Converse still feels tight, repeat the steps above. In fact, we’ve found that repeating the hairdryer method 3 times makes a huge difference afterward. Additionally, you can heat your Converse with a hairdryer once every other day until you find comfort in them.

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  • Wear Your Converse Often For Short Periods

So you got a new pair of Converse out of the shoe box. While you can get excited and want to treat it as carefully as possible, it’s wise to wear them for short periods of time before going out in your new Converse for a full day.

A good tip to try is to wear them around your house before going outside. That way, you can easily take them off once your feet start to hurt or experience discomfort.


While this tip is simple, many Converse wearers have never thought of doing this. Indeed, it’s very easy to do, but the results can be the difference between a pleasant day with your Chuck Taylors or gruesome pain caused by the blisters.

Moreover, you can wear thick socks to add some distance between your feet and the canvas of the shoes. After a month, your Converse should stretch slightly and become comfier.

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  • Bend the Shoes to Loosen Them

Thanks to the gum rubber soles, converse shoes are durable and last a long time. Because of this, don’t be afraid to give them a little bit of “tough love” by bending them. To bend your Converse, hold the toe box on one hand, and the heel cup on the other hand.

Next, gently bend the shoe. Your goal is to make a “V” shape. Just like stretching your muscles before doing exercise, you can loosen the shoes by bending them repeatedly.


It’s safe to bend your Converse a few times per day, especially before wearing them. By bending and wearing them often, you should break into your new Converse in no time.

To speed up the stretching process make sure you properly break into your Converse using the tips provided in the first section of this article.

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