How to Cancel a Transaction on Chase App

How to Cancel a Transaction on Chase App
The Chase Mobile app is an all-encompassing platform that enables centralized management of all Chase accounts. The app enables cardholders of any Chase card — credit or debit — to bank from their smartphones in nearly any location.
The Chase app is more than just a tool for managing accounts. It is loaded with bonus features to help you improve your finances, such as a built-in budget planner and a tool that provides daily spending insights at a glance.

This is THE app for you if you have a bank account, credit card, loan, investment account, or anything else with Chase.

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It is loaded with features that allow you to manage all of your Chase accounts, redeem rewards, track spending, and pay bills, among other things. It is one of the highest-rated Android and iOS finance applications.

How to cancel a transaction on chase app

It is possible to dispute erroneous charges online.

  • Step one: After logging in, locate and select the transaction of concern.
  • Step two: Review the transaction details and click Dispute Transaction to initiate the dispute process.
  • Step three: Answer a few questions, review your answers, and click the “Submit” button. Submit dispute
  • Step four: Track your dispute in the Account Menu under Account Services
  • Step five: The Dispute Tracker will display Open and Closed disputes as well as their current status.

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