How to Change Club Name in Apex

How to Change Club Name in Apex

Players cannot change the details of their Club once it has been created.

If a player wishes to create a new Club with a different name, description, and emblem, they must first leave their current Club and then speak with Kendra to do so.

Please see the following for more information on how to leave or create a Club:

If a player wishes to leave a Club, they may do so by following the steps outlined below:

To access your Club Menu, select the Clubs icon.
New Clubs.png

Locate your name in the list of Club members under the Club tab of the menu.
Select the X button to the right of your name.
A prompt will appear asking you to confirm that you want to leave the Club.
Select Yes.
You will be immediately removed from the Club, and your Club menu will be updated accordingly.
Please keep in mind that if a player is the only member of a Club and leaves, the Club will be deleted. In this case, the Club cannot be retrieved; the only option is for the player to create a new Club with the same settings as the other.
Furthermore, if a player was the Leader of a Club with several members and chose to leave, the Leader role will be given to the next senior member. If the player later rejoins the same Club, they will become a Member. The role of leader cannot be given freely.

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