How to Change World Tier in Division 2

How to Change World Tier in Division 2

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How to Change World Tier in Division 2? Massive Entertainment has made sure that there is much to do in The Division 2 after completing all of the main plot objectives in an effort to address concerns of the original game. A large portion of the endgame is around progressing through the world tiers, however some players may be confused about what they are and how to change your world tier.


To advance to the next world tier in The Division 2, players must fulfil specified objectives that are essential to progressing through the endgame and prepare for future content. Changing world tiers in The Division 2 isn’t always going to be simple, so we advocate taking on this challenge alongside a group of pals if at all possible.

1. World Tier 1

To move to world tier 1 in The Division 2, players must first complete a few tasks.

At launch, The Division 2’s level cap is 30, with players allowed to continue upgrading their character through their gear score. To progress to world tier 1, players must reach the level 30 cap, although there are ways for players to get to level 30 quickly to expedite the process.
Complete District Union Arena’s Fortress
Complete Roosevelt Island fortress
Complete Capitol Building Defense
Select a Specialization
The Division 2 players will theoretically reach world tier 1 after defeating the three Strongholds, but there is one thing remaining to do. To choose a Specialization, they must go to the White House and meet with the Quartermaster.

2. World Tier 2

After selecting one of the three Specializations, players will be required to relive previously completed story tasks, but this time through the “Invaded” version. Basically, the new Black Tusk faction has infiltrated story missions and Strongholds, and the next phase is to wipe them out.

The whole Grand Washington Hotel (Invaded)
Finish Jefferson Trade Center (Invaded)
Obtain a Gear Score of 275.
Complete District Union Arena Fortress (Invaded)

3. Global Tier 3


The Division 2 gamers will want to keep boosting their gear score and completing Invaded missions in order to reach world tier 3.

Air and Space Museum in its entirety (Invaded)
Total Space Administration (Invaded)
Get a Gear Score of 325.
Division 2-review: Complete Capitol Building Stronghold (Invaded)

4. World Tier4

World Tier 4 is more of the same: raise your gear score and finish Invaded tasks.

Potomac Event Center in its entirety (Invaded)
Full Federal Emergency Bunker (Invaded)
Obtain a Gear Score of 375.
Complete Roosevelt Island Defenses (Invaded)

5. World Tier5


At the time of writing, world tier 5 in The Division 2 was not available. Massive is seeking to fix certain bugs before introducing world tier 5 and the Tidal Basin Stronghold to the game, so players can’t technically reach it yet. However, we do know that there are specific conditions that players must meet before they may obtain global tier 5.

Complete all Invaded Strongholds to obtain a Gear Score of 425.

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