How to Check Your EDD Card Balance

How to Check Your EDD Card Balance: A Comprehensive Guide

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Receiving unemployment benefits through the California Employment Development Department (EDD) means staying on top of your EDD Card balance. This ensures you have access to your funds to cover essential expenses while you focus on finding new job opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through various methods for checking your EDD Card balance.


Method 1: Online EDD Card Account


Visit the EDD Website: 


Start by visiting the official EDD website (


Always ensure you use the official EDD website to protect your personal information.

Log In to Your EDD Card Account: 


Find the “Log In” or “Sign In” section on the homepage. Input your username and password to access your account.


Safeguard your account by creating a strong, unique password and avoid sharing your login credentials.


Navigate to the Balance Section: 


Once logged in, look for the section that displays your EDD Card balance. This may be on the account summary page or under a “Balance” tab.


Familiarize yourself with your EDD Card account layout for future balance checks.


Tip: You can also explore other features of your online account, such as changing your contact information or opting for electronic statements.


Method 2: EDD Mobile App


Download the EDD Mobile App: 


For mobile access, download the official EDD Mobile App from your device’s app store (available for iOS and Android).


Ensure you download the official app to avoid potential scams.

Log In to the App:


 Open the app and use your EDD Card account credentials to log in.


Utilize fingerprint or facial recognition for added security if your device supports these features.

Check Your Balance: 


Navigate to the balance section within the app to view your EDD Card balance.


The mobile app offers convenience and accessibility, allowing you to check your balance on the go.



Tip: The app often provides additional resources and FAQs for easy access to information about your benefits.


Method 3: ATM Transactions


Locate an ATM: 


To check your EDD Card balance at an ATM, find any ATM that accepts your EDD Card, typically identified by the Visa or Mastercard logo.


Be cautious with ATMs to avoid excessive fees, as EDD provides a limited number of free ATM withdrawals per month.

Insert Your EDD Card: 


Insert your EDD Card into the ATM and follow the on-screen prompts.


Select the “Balance Inquiry” or “Check Balance” option to view your current balance.

Review Your Balance: 


The ATM will display your EDD Card balance on the screen.


This method offers quick access to your balance without requiring an internet connection.


Tip: Keep your ATM receipts for reference, especially if you plan to track your spending.


Method 4: Customer Service


Call EDD Customer Service: 


If you prefer a more personal approach, call EDD’s customer service line at the provided phone number.


Prepare to verify your identity by answering security questions when prompted.

Ask for Your Balance: 


Speak with a customer service representative and request your EDD Card balance.



Customer service is available to address any inquiries or concerns regarding your benefits.


Tip: While on the call, you can also inquire about the status of pending payments or other account-related matters.




Check Your EDD Card Balance is a simple yet essential task while relying on unemployment benefits. By following these methods and considering the provided tips, you can stay informed about your financial status, enabling effective budgeting while you actively seek new job opportunities. Remember to report any discrepancies or suspicious activity promptly to EDD to ensure the security of your benefits.


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