How to Clean Your Smoke Buddy

How to Clean Your Smoke Buddy
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A Smoke Buddy is a portable filter that removes the odour of cigarette smoke. When you’re with other people, use it to reduce their exposure to secondhand smoke. The Smoke Buddy can be kept dry and debris-free, but the filter cannot be cleaned. Take care of the Smoke Buddy until it’s time to replace it so you can smoke peacefully in public.

How to Clean Your Smoke Buddy

1. Washing the Smoke Buddy.

Wet a paper towel with clean water. Turn on a faucet and lightly dampen a paper towel. Avoid using a wet paper towel. Flooding the Smoke Buddy with water will not help clean it, and you may get pieces of the towel stuck inside it.
Baby wipes are safe to use, but avoid using alcohol-based products.

2. Wipe the inside of the Smoke Buddy. Lower the paper towel through the container’s open end.

If you’re having trouble, use a small tool, such as a pencil, to guide the paper towel. Move the paper towel to clean the inside of the plastic.

Avoid attempting to clean the filter. Unfortunately, because it is disposable, the unit must be replaced when it stops working.

3. Wipe down the outside with a damp towel.

Take the paper towel out of the Smoke Buddy. Use it again or get another towel to clean the outside. Wipe the towel over the plastic to remove any remaining debris.

4. Air dry the Smoke Buddy.

A dry towel can be used to absorb the majority of the moisture. Wipe down the Smoke Buddy’s exterior, then use the pencil to push the paper towel through the interior. Absorb as much moisture as possible, then place the Smoke Buddy in the open air until you need it again.

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