How to Crash a Discord Server 2022

How to Crash a Discord Server 2024

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Recently, I’ve been sent an image that causes Discord to crash. The beauty of this Discord crasher is that nine of the ten persons in that call with me crashed. This Discord crasher is only compatible with Windows desktop computers, but I use Linux. Linux’s Discord client is not affected by this problem.


If this problem is not yet patched, you can use it to prank your pals, or you can test it out on yourself for the sake of memes. Now it’s a two-second clip that appears to be from an anime.

Since then, everyone I played with has been terrified that their machines were genuinely hacked, a strange malware was installed, and their data was being collected by a data harvester on another planet. But this is not the case, so please do not worry.

How to Crash a Discord Server 2024

Crashing discord is motivated by the following reasoning: At the conclusion of the two-second video clip when played on Linux, a red square appears. The square is the crucial element. Now you can see that the image or video did not truly cause Linux to crash, but when played on Windows, it causes Discord to crash entirely.

Running it on a mac os system will result in the same red square, thus it’s primarily an issue with Windows 10, which has the most desktop users for Discord to begin with. In contrast to mac users, who are immune, and Linux users, who are undoubtedly immune, the majority of users are on windows, whose Discord is entirely unusable.

People use FFmpeg, a command-line utility known as FFmpeg, to stitch videos together and inject what are known as multiple video modifications. Similar to the modification of the resolution and the color space. Essentially, they have damaged the video so that modern web browsers would crash when attempting to play it.

Because the screen turns red and then to a square resolution, this indicates that someone used a hex editor to adjust so many video settings (resolution, brightness, quality) that it crashes Discord. This is not mere hex editing craftiness.


This will irreparably damage the video. Therefore, they are altering b frames keying, brightness, and color spaces, among other similar aspects. This is at the stage where it will completely break any Discord web browser application.

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Why Is It Not Fixed Yet?

The application that powers Discord utilizes electron. Electron is a cross-platform tool for developing applications that employ javascript, HTML, and CSS. Discord is not simply a computer application. It’s a fancy web client that runs on something called electron.

It is simply a wrapper for Chromium. Chromium is the open-source chrome project upon which Google Chrome, Brave, the upcoming Microsoft edge, and any other chrome-based web browsers are developed.

Chromium is an integral component of this electron software, and this is the primary reason why Discord frequently crashes. Because this type of file gets executed when you launch Discord on Windows and run it. As the file is corrupted to begin with, the built-in chromium tool cannot run it.


No matter how you disable hardware acceleration or change any other settings, the Discord application will continuously fail due to its unable to circumvent the video corruption.

Can Discord fix the Discord crasher?

Possibly, but will they significantly alter the application’s backend? The answer is no. Never will they do it. Could this be fixed? Possibly, however they have not yet done so, and the bug continues to function in 2024. Since so much time has passed, there are no explanations for why Discord has not resolved this issue. Perhaps it is not a high priority for them, or they simply are not prepared to put out the effort required. It remains a fun technique to prank your friends regardless of the outcome.

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