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How To Create Paypal USPS Shipping Label

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Creating a USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping label through PayPal is a convenient and cost-effective way to prepare and print shipping labels for your packages. PayPal provides an integrated service that allows you to create USPS shipping labels directly from your PayPal account. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a USPS shipping label using PayPal:



1. Log in to Your PayPal Account:


Start by visiting the PayPal website ( and logging in to your PayPal account. Ensure that your PayPal balance is sufficient to cover the cost of the shipping label, or that you have a linked bank account or credit card to fund the purchase.


2. Access the PayPal Shipping Tool:


Once you’re logged into your PayPal account, access the PayPal Shipping tool, which enables you to create USPS shipping labels. To find this tool, follow these steps:


Click on the “Tools” tab located at the top of your PayPal dashboard.


From the dropdown menu, select “All Tools.”


3. Navigate to “PayPal Shipping”:


Within the “All Tools” section, you should find an option labeled “PayPal Shipping” or something similar. Click on it to access the PayPal Shipping tool.


4. Enter Shipment Details:


In the PayPal Shipping tool, you can begin entering the shipment details for your package. This includes:


The recipient’s address, including their name, street address, city, state, and ZIP code.


The package’s weight in pounds and ounces.


Package dimensions, including length, width, and height in inches.


5. Choose USPS as the Shipping Carrier:


After entering the shipment details, you can select USPS as the shipping carrier. PayPal offers a range of USPS services, including Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and more. Choose the service that best fits your shipping needs.



6. Calculate Shipping Costs:


PayPal will calculate the shipping costs based on the information you provided. Review the shipping cost estimate and ensure it’s accurate before proceeding.


7. Purchase the Shipping Label:


If you’re satisfied with the calculated shipping cost, you can proceed to purchase the USPS shipping label. PayPal will deduct the label’s cost from your PayPal balance or the linked payment method you’ve specified.


8. Print the Shipping Label:


After the label purchase is complete, you can download and print the USPS shipping label directly from your PayPal account. Make sure you have access to a printer and label paper. PayPal will provide a PDF file containing the shipping label, which you can print and affix to your package.


9. Prepare Your Package for Shipment:


Attach the printed USPS shipping label securely to your package, ensuring that it’s clearly visible and protected from moisture or damage. Additionally, adhere to USPS guidelines for packaging, labeling, and addressing your package.


10. Ship Your Package:


With the USPS shipping label in place, you can drop off your package at the nearest USPS Post Office location or schedule a USPS package pickup, depending on the USPS service you’ve selected.


Important Tips:


Double-check the accuracy of the recipient’s address, package weight, and dimensions to avoid issues during shipping.


Keep a record of the tracking number provided on the label so you can monitor the progress of your shipment.



Review the available USPS services to choose the one that best fits your needs in terms of cost, speed, and additional features like insurance or tracking.


Make sure your PayPal account has a sufficient balance or linked payment method to cover the cost of the USPS shipping label.




Creating a USPS shipping label through PayPal is a user-friendly and efficient way to handle your shipping needs. By following these steps and ensuring the accuracy of your shipment details, you can take advantage of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this service for your shipping requirements.


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