How to Crouch in GTA 5 on PS5

How to Crouch in GTA 5 on PS5
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It is difficult to go three minutes in GTA 5 without being shot. Whether it is trolls attempting to take over your personal vehicle or police officers angry at you for using a cargo bob to pick up their cruisers and drop them into the sea, you will need to know how to crouch in GTA 5 to survive.


Taking cover in the game, on the other hand, is not as simple as standing behind a wall. Sneaking is a built-in mechanic that allows players to take cover behind their surroundings and fire safely. With this skill, you will also be able to blind fire over ledges or around corners, allowing you to shoot without being aimed at.

How to Crouch in GTA 5

In GTA 5, how do you find cover? Here are the five steps to crouching in GTA V:

1. Locate something behind which you can crouch.

The first step is to have something to hide behind. The cover system in GTA 5 means that any item in your vicinity can serve as a cover. However, keep in mind that some of them can be broken, and you should not become too comfortable in just one position.

GTA 5 is littered with corners, boxes, and cars. And these are some of the best objects for the player to hide behind. Low walls are also recommended. Just remember to face the object you want to use as your cover.

2. Crouch

While you are on cover, the character will automatically crouch to keep themselves fully hidden. If you see them standing in a normal stance, you can hit some buttons to take cover.

There are various platforms to choose from.

  • How to Crouch in GTA 5 PC: Press Q.
  • How to Crouch in GTA 5 PS4: Press R1.
  • How to Crouch in GTA 5 Xbox One: Press RB

The “Cover” buttons on each platform are distinct. You must press “Q” to learn how to crouch in GTA 5 on PC. If you are wondering how to crouch in GTA 5 PS4, press the “R1” button. To crouch in GTA 5 Xbox 1, press RB.

3. Peek

Crouching will not help you kill the enemies. Players must peer inside to learn where the enemy is.


Right-click your mouse on a PC. Hold down the left trigger if you are using the console. These are referred to as “Aim” buttons. When you release the Aim button, you will return to the crouching position.

This, despite allowing you to aim your weapon at opponents, may allow enemy fire to hit you. That is why you must be cautious at all times. Simply come out of cover, fire some shots, and then return to cover.

4. Fire away!

If you want to fire, left-click your mouse on a PC or hold the right trigger on a console.

Players can shoot from the top of the cover or around the sides. Although this will not expose your body or head in any way, it is preferable to aim before shooting.

5. Leave


The final step in learning how to crouch in GTA 5 PC, Xbox One, or PS4 is to leave cover when you are finished. To exit your cover, press the Q, R1, or RB button again, and the character will return to the normal stance.

While it may feel a little awkward at times as the character reorients themselves to sneak behind cover, you will quickly get used to it.

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Crouch mods in GTA 5
Aside from learning how to sneak in GTA 5 PC and other platforms, you can use mods such as the Stance – Crouch/Prone mod. It was made a few years ago by JediJosh920, one of the most well-known modders in the GTA 5 community. The mod adds a wider variety of tactical stances found in FPS games.

The controls are also simple. By pressing the assigned keys, you can switch between standing and crouching. Meanwhile, holding on to it will make your character prone. When you press while moving, your character will do a combat roll or dive.

Apart from GTA 5 car mods, the Stance mods were among the most popular and downloaded in this game.

That is how to crouch in GTA 5 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. Check out for a slew of other GTA 5 and GTA Online guides!

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