How to Dodge Attacks in Pokemon Go

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How to dodge attacks in Pokemon go? Pokémon (short for pocket monster) is a franchise owned by Nintendo and began life in the mid 90’s as a game for the Game Boy. The game centered on fictional characters know as Pokemon which humans (Pokémon Trainers) catch and train to battle each other. The Japanese franchise became well known for its unique graphics and cute characters. The popular game grew into a successful franchise which spanned TV, trading cards, comics and toys. 20 years later Pokémon has made a big come back in the form of a location based smartphone game.


One of the reasons for its popularity is it is free to download and very easy to play. For many players the game is nostalgic, Pokémon became a phenomenon in the late 90’s early 00’s. This is also the first time an augmented reality game has come into the main stream. Young people in particular have been captured by the gaming experience which overlays animated Pokémon characters into the real world.

The app is free to download however there is an option to use in-game currency called Poké Coins, these can be used to buy Poké Balls (used to capture Pokémon). Users do not need to purchase currency to play the game. Like most other apps, purchasing these may make the game slightly easier. Parents can restrict app purchases on their own smartphones and their child’s smartphone. This can normally be done by going to the settings on your phone or tablet.

The name “dodging” can be misleading. Dodging an attack in Pokemon Go is different than in the Pokemon games – a dodged move still does damage, but only about 25% of the regular damage. Considering a dodge doesn’t take much time to do, it’s a highly effective way to keep your strongest Pokemon on the battlefield during raids.

This is one way to boost your damage output without needing any kind of resources, like candy. Dodging can make the difference in actually defeating higher-rated raids with small groups as well, so it’s an incredibly useful tool to have in your kit.

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When you go to a gym in Pokémon GO, you have two types of attack, the standard attack, for which you just have to press the screen, and the special attack, which is obtained after accumulating normal attacks. Nevertheless, we can also dodge. This is not widely used, but it can be especially interesting if we learn how to use it. We are going to learn this movement.

How to Dodge Attacks in Pokemon Go

To dodge in Pokemon Go you have to swipe either left or right. Neither direction is better than the other, so pick whichever direction is easiest for you. However, one of the biggest things you have to learn is the timing of the attacking Pokemon. This can be a bit tricky the first few times you do it.


There are two different ways you can know when it’s time to dodge in Pokemon Go. The first way is to wait for a flash of yellow to light up the screen. Once you see this, it’s time to swipe. This is the best way to tell when to dodge since it’s specific to pretty much each move and animation across Pokemon.

The other way to know that it’s time to dodge is when the animation starts, If the Pokemon has started its attack animation, then you can successfully dodge until the HP bar on your Pokemon turns orange. However, this happens in less than one second for some moves, so you have to be incredibly quick and watch with a careful eye. Because of this, it’s much better to use the yellow flash as a queue to dodge.

Keep in mind that some moves can take more than 4 seconds to complete the animation. The yellow flash can happen at different times depending on the move, so be patient and wait for it instead of jumping the gun and going straight for the dodge. You can’t dodge too quickly in succession, so you don’t want to go too quickly and end up missing your shot – this lowers your damage output without getting any of the benefits of the dodge.

How to Dodge Pokemon go Special Attacks

The key is to dodge the special attacks. This means that we must avoid only the powerful attacks of the Pokémon in front of us. It is useless to avoid simple attacks, because they can be done constantly, and no matter how much we manage to dodge some, we will not be able to dodge others. However, if we avoid a special attack, will have to be recharged to be used again. There it will be really effective to dodge the attacks.

But when? Be guided by the GIF that accompanies this post and what has been generated by PokeAssistant. . Basically when it appears a yellow flash on the screen we see that the rival Pokémon is going to perform a special attack. The optimal time to dodge is 0,7 seconds. But do not complicate yourself trying to count the time. Just when you see the flash, swipe to the side and try to avoid the special attack.


In the case of Pokémon whose special attack they can only perform once, this could be very useful. It must be said that the special attack will damage us, but much less than if we do not dodge it, and It could be key to winning in gyms and much more if we are going to participate in the battles between users that could soon arrive with the new December update to Pokémon GO.

Knowing how to dodge in Pokemon go is one way that you can really amp up your effectiveness in raids. There are several benefits to dodging in Pokemon Go, and it’s pretty easy to do once you know the timing. However, it’s very reliant on the timing, so you have to pay close attention to the raid instead of mindlessly tapping the screen.

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