How to Explore Underwater Labs in Rust

How to Explore Underwater Labs in Rust
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Rust’s new release added Underwater Labs to the survival game, providing players with a compelling motivation to explore the ocean depths. While open water has always been a feature of the survival game, the Underwater Labs provide great riches, the promise of adventure, and a reason to test your sea legs.

To seize a Lab, players must engage in a lengthy struggle against NPCs, as the bases are expansive and there are more NPCs than they can kill at once. In regions devoid of NPCs, you will be able to take rests between combats. Utilize these moments to prepare food and resupply so that you are not disadvantaged when you begin your trek.

The conquest of an Underwater Lab will require some time and careful preparation. However, if you have adequate equipment, the most difficult thing may be finding a method to get there. Using a submarine is the quickest way to reach an Underwater Lab, although not all players will be able to do so, especially if their team size is limited.

To explore a laboratory, though, you do not require the pomp and grandeur of a submarine. Scuba equipment is the most economical means of preparing for an underwater excursion. Scuba gear can be found in treasure and red crates, and some NPCs on your server may sell it. The location of these NPCs will vary according on the server you use, as their positions can be altered by administrators.

Once you have gathered the necessary supplies for the journey, you must decide which lab to investigate. Ensure you have adequate medical supplies and ammunition for your weapons before entering the sea. In the event of an emergency, it is also advisable to carry a close-range firearm. The remainder will depend on your Rust abilities, but be prepared to put them to the test, as you’ll need to conquer every area in the laboratory in order to claim all of its loot.

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If you want to get the most out of your experience, collect every color of keycard before heading to the Labs. The additional effort may make the expense of the journey worthwhile.

Players who want to prepare for their Labs mission can view Underwater Lab runs on YouTube. Knowing what you’re walking into will be especially important for those who don’t wish to stay underwater for an extended period of time.

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