How to Farm Imperial Destiny

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How to farm imperial destiny? Imperials are used to unlock new upgrades for the Chalice of Opulence, which in turn give you improved and more customizable rewards when you complete the Menagerie mode.


These range from giving you multiple Powerful Gear and Runes per week, and the ability to slot additional rune types that guarantee certain gear types drop.

If you’re interested in the Menagerie and the many rewards on offer, then it’s worth working out how to maximize your efforts by getting Imperials from a variety of sources – especially since most upgrades costs thousands of Imperials each. There’s a lot of work to be done!

How to farm Imperials Destiny

If you’ve ran out of the above sources, a reliable way to farm Imperials is once you have Power and Efficiency II unlocked, run any matchmade activity – strikes, Crucible, Gambit and Menagerie – to have a chance of getting Imperials drop upon completion.

Couple it with the Wealth of the Emperor buff you can buy from Werner 99-50, and it increases your chances further.

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In theory all matchmade activities (apart from the Menagerie, which has less of a chance) have the same chance of dropping Imperials at the end as one another (according to Harmonicragex on reddit, the chances are about 20%) so choose the one you like and keep completing it. The fastest is arguably Crucible matches, so that could be the quickest method.

That said, for a limited time only (as we assume Bungie will patch this out sooner than later) there is an Imperial chest cheese which acts as the best Imperial farm at launch of the Season of Opulence.

If you’re not familiar, it’s possible to open the chest at the end of the Menagerie more than once by leaving the area then coming back, which sees the chest respawn.

Not only does this allow you to get multiple drops from the chest per run (remember to load new Runes into the Chalice each time) but it also gives you additional chance at Imperials dropping with the Power and Efficiency II upgrade active.

Again, there’s only a chance Imperials will drop, so having the Wealth of the Emperor active can increase this further. You only have 300 or so seconds, which is enough for several runs, and with a dose of luck you can squeeze out several Imperial drops from a single Menagerie run.

How to get Imperials Destiny

There are a variety of methods to get Imperials in Destiny and the good news is there’s some crossover with most of them, allowing you to earn Imperials from multiple sources by doing the same few activities.

Let’s start with the essentials.

Upgrade the Chalice with Power and Efficiency II first, and buy Wealth of the Emperor buffs


Once you’ve completed the invitation quest line, you’d have completed your first Menagerie run and learnt how to upgrade the Chalice.

There are more upgrades on offer, each costing a number of Imperials, and the first you should buy is ‘Power and Efficiency II’ for 3,000 Imperials. It’s a bit of a grind – though you could argue all upgrades are – but this is one that, once activated, sees other playlist activities, such as strikes, gambit and crucible and Menagerie matches, drop 500 Imperials from time to time.

Once you have that, you should then buy the ‘Wealth of the Emperor’ buff from Werner 99-40. This “significantly increases the chance of earning Imperials from strikes, Gambit and the Crucible”, and “greatly increases the chance of earning Imperials in the Menagerie” and lasts until Imperials are earned from one of those activities.

Remember you can only buy this buff once you have the upgrade, but you should use it whenever possible to keep Imperials rolling in – especially as it costs a small amount of Glimmer and Legendary Shards, resources you’ll likely have plenty of.

Collect and complete Werner 99-50 Weekly Bounties

As well as giving you Powerful Gear and a Legendary Rune, it’s worth picking up all four Weekly Bounties from Werner 99-50 each week. A lot of these aren’t even tied to the Mengarie – from earning experience to completing Vanguard bounties looting Legendary Engrams from the ground, you should pick these up on reset before doing anything else for an easy supply of Imperials.

Upon completing, you have to then find a imperial treasure map location, and you won’t get many for each one (just 100 Imperials) but completing each one for the first time also unlocks an associated Triumph, with each worth 500 Imperials each. More on those shortly.

Open chests on Werner 99-50’s barge

Once you have completed the invitation quest line, you’ll be pointed towards chests at the back of the barge where Werner 99-50 resides on Nessus.

Each one costs 5,000 Glimmer to open, and gives you 150 Imperials and a Rune. Not a lot of Imperials, but it all adds up. These should also reset every week, so this is a reliable and easy method, assuming you have Glimmer burning a hole in your pocket.

Complete Menagerie Triumphs


Running the Menagerie doesn’t automatically give you Imperials – even with the Power and Efficiency II upgrade active, it’s just a chance – but you can earn them by completing various associated Triumphs.

These are essentially completing the various activities and boss encounters with certain requirements. Each one is worth 500 Triumphs, so it’s worth keeping them in mind.

As a matchmade activity is might be difficult for everyone to get on board with specific strategies, but hopefully as time goes on and power levels increase, these become more feasible.




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