How to find Iron In stardew valley

How to find Iron In stardew valley
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Stardew Valley is a deceptively straightforward-appearing game. In reality, there is so much to do that it may rapidly become daunting and confusing. First and foremost, the game does not hold your hand. It just teleports you to your farm and leaves you to figure out the rest.


Given the variety of crafting recipes and cool objects in the game, it is essential to know where to obtain the crafting components and basic resources required to create them. However, the game does not just tell you this. Trying to figure out everything requires a great deal of trial and error, which can be irritating for perfectionists. This useful guide lists the most typical locations to obtain the most fundamental resources.

How To Obtain Wood in Stardew Valley

You can harvest wood from any tree you discover in the city, the forest, or on the farm.

If you do not collect any seeds from your farm, trees will regrow from acorns and pine cones, etc., if you do not pick up any seeds from your farm.

Where To Locate Wood in Stardew Valley

Mahogany trees, huge stumps, and large logs all yield hardwood if the appropriate axe is used. A steel axe or better is always preferable, although a copper axe can be used to break up huge stumps and any axe can be used to topple mahogany trees.

The Secret Woods is the greatest spot to return to for regenerating hardwood. There, you can collect approximately 12 pieces of hardwood per day. Players on the Forest Farm map receive an additional 16 hardwood respawns per day.

How To Locate Stone In Stardew Valley

Shatter any small or large rock to drop some stones. When you initially arrive at your farm, there are numerous rocks that can be broken.

Once the mines and quarry are unlocked, you can also get more stone from them. Daily, rocks will regenerate.

How to Locate Sap in Stardew Valley

The sap is released when any form of the tree is cut down, regardless of species. Additionally, you can install a tap on a mahogany tree to obtain it periodically.

Depending on the trees you plant Tappers on, you can also obtain Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, and Pine Tar by placing them on trees. When you acquire level 3 in Foraging, you will learn how to craft a Tapper.

Locating Coal in Stardew Valley

Journey to the mines. Any rocks you break have the potential to provide coal. If you come across Dust Sprites in the mines, killing them will also result in the drop of a few chunks of coal.
Clint, the blacksmith, can always sell you some coal in a pinch.

Where To Find Fiber In Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley Weeds game.
When you initially arrive at your farm, you can use a scythe to begin reducing the weeds that are dispersed across the ground.

In addition to the forest and certain mines, these plants can also be found in the forest.
Copper Ore Location in Stardew Valley
Copper Node Starved Valley
To obtain copper ore, you must mine copper nodes. In the mines, the optimal levels for discovering a large number of these nodes are between 31 and 39.

Occasionally, wooden containers may also contain artefact locations. If the quarry is unlocked, there is a possibility of discovering copper there.

Location of Iron Ore in Stardew Valley

To obtain iron, you must use a pickaxe to destroy an iron node. The optimal location for this is within the mines, with the largest concentration of iron nodes between levels 41 and 79.


The quarry may also produce iron nodes if you are fortunate. Using a Smelter, five iron ore can be transformed into an iron bar.

How to Locate Gold Ore in Stardew Valley

Gold ore can only be obtained by destroying gold nodes. These nodes are most plentiful in mines beyond level 80.

Occasionally, gold nodes can spawn in the quarry, and ghosts encountered in the mines have a small chance to drop gold ore. Using a Smelter, five gold ore can be transformed into a gold bar.

Where Can One Discover Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley?

The best chance of discovering Iridium ore is to avoid the mines and instead explore the depths of Skull Cavern. The deeper you go, the more probable it is that you may discover Iridium ore, either naturally or as a result of Iridium bats droppings. Alternately, mining Magma and Omni Geodes between levels 115 and 119 in normal mines is a relatively reliable source.

The quarry may occasionally spawn Iridium nodes if you are lucky. When a meteorite falls on the farm, it can be mined for six Iridium ores using the proper equipment. Using the Smelter, five iridium ore can be transformed into one iridium bar.

If you pass grandpa’s evaluation and he offers you four candles, he will grant you the Statue of Perfection, which will drop a few pieces of Iridium ore daily.

Location Of Radioactive Ore In Stardew Valley

This unusual ore can be discovered in Skull Cavern or the mines if you have an active challenge quest.

They will spawn in Skull Cavern during the Skull Cavern Invasion quest or in the mines during the Danger In The Deep quest.

Where To Find Quartz In Stardew Valley

Quartz is a common mineral found primarily in mines during resource gathering.

It does not need to be mined – simply pick it up – and appears on practically every mine floor between 1 and 120. Using the Smelter to refine quartz will allow it to be used in higher-level crafting recipes.

Where Can I Locate a Battery Pack in Stardew Valley?

To obtain your own battery pack, you must create a Lightning Rod and set it on your farm. The next day, if a charged rod is struck by lightning, it will yield a battery pack. Upon reaching level 6 in Foraging, you will learn the recipe for a Lightning Rod.

After seven days of continuous sunshine, solar panels will also give you with a battery pack. You can also purchase battery packs by visiting the Wandering Cart in the forest.

Clay Locations in Stardew Valley


Starvation Valley Clay Clay is another fairly common resource that is frequently discovered when excavating archaeological sites. Clay has a potential of being uncovered by random digging in soil and sand.

Where To Obtain Cinder Pieces in Stardew Valley

Visit the volcano on Ginger Island, where cinder shard nodes are abundant. Occasionally, opponents of the Magma type may also drop cinder shards.

Where to Locate Insect Meat in Stardew Valley

Upon entering the mines, one of the first resources you will likely obtain is insect flesh. The initial levels of the mines are filled with insect foes, each of which has a chance to drop insect meat. Regularly, the foes will regenerate.

Location of Slime in Stardew Valley

Slimes in Stardew Valley are dropped by one of the most common opponents in mines and Skull Cavern. No of the Slime’s colour or type, it has a high probability to drop ordinary slime.

Location of Bat Wings in Stardew Valley

Within the Stardew Valley Cave Is a Bat Wing; To obtain bat wings, you will need to locate Bats. The mines are the best place to begin, as they contain common, frost, and lava bats.

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