How to Find Someone’s Middle Name

How to Find Someone's Middle Name
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When you introduce yourself to someone, you usually do not include your middle name. So, if you want to find someone else’s middle name, whether out of curiosity or for other reasons, you must either know the correct people or take the time to investigate on your own. Sometimes just chatting to someone connected to the person you’re trying to learn more about is enough to find a middle name. If that is not an option, you can conduct research using the Internet or local resources in your town.


5 Steps on How to Find Someone’s Middle Name

Step 1

Talk to family members or friends of the person whose middle name you’re looking for.

In order to get the person’s middle name for a gift or other surprise, let the family member or friend know that you need it. He might then be more ready to tell you something that only a select few people know.

Step 2

Enter the person’s initial and last name, along with their city of residence, into a general web search engine. Her middle name might be visible on the website if she uses social networking sites or has a personal website.

Step 3

Look for a person on certain websites that search the public record. Some of these websites, like, might offer a little amount of information for no cost. You can learn more about the person for a membership fee or one-time fee, which is roughly equivalent to a background check. Genealogical searches can be aided by other websites like


Step 4

In particular, if you’re looking for a person’s middle name from earlier generations, check your state’s rules to discover whether records are public records. Birth and death certificates can sometimes be located in archives or libraries in certain states.

For instance, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania offers a collection of Allegheny County birth and death data from the years 1870 through 1905. Although they are written entries, these documents are not real copies of the birth or death certificates. Information regarding people who are no longer alive or who have lived in the town for a long period may also be obtained through historical groups.

Step 5

Search Local Public Records.

You can also find what you’re looking for by conducting public record searches. Visit the public records portals on the state or county website where the individual resides.


The county assessor’s office, which maintains data on mortgages and property prices, is one place where you might be able to find out information on someone. You might be able to go back and use this information to discover the person’s middle name.

If you take the time to search these many local public records offices and websites, you can obtain quite a deal of information. Even if it takes time, eventually you may have the knowledge you require.

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