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How to Fix Blurry Profile Picture on Discord. The company has not disclosed publicly how many employees it laid off this week across its entire corporate workforce; however, some Seattle-based employees have reported being laid off as well.


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How To Correct Blurry PFP In Discord

The secret to correcting a blurry PFP on Discord is to upload it through a web browser rather than the Discord app.


How to fix a fuzzy profile image in Discord:

  1. Access Discord via a browser.
  2. Log in to Discord and navigate to User Settings.
  3. Select “Change Avatar” and upload your image.
  4. Edit and view your new profile picture.
1. Access Discord with a web browser
To fix a fuzzy profile photo on Discord, you must first log in via a mobile or desktop browser.
Enter “” in the address bar and press “Enter” or “Go.”

Note: If you merely type “,” only the option to download the mobile application will appear. To access your Discord account in a browser, you must visit the login page.

If you are using a mobile device, you must switch to the website’s desktop version.

Here’s how to access the Android desktop version of Discord:

Launch Chrome on your smartphone or tablet.
Open the website’s login page for Discord.
Tap the three vertical dots in the screen’s upper-right corner.
Find and choose the “Desktop Site” checkbox.
If you have an iPhone instead, the procedure differs somewhat. To access the desktop version of Discord on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Safari browser.
  2. Go to the Discord website’s login page.
  3. Tap “AA” in the top corner in front of the address bar.
  4. Select “Request Desktop Website.”

2. Sign in to Discord and go to User Settings

On the Discord login page, you will be prompted to input your account information. In addition to your Discord password, you will require the email address or phone number linked with your account. After inputting your information, touch “Login” to access your account and complete the sign-in procedure.

Once you have logged in, locate your profile image. This should be in the bottom left corner of the desktop message interface. Next to it, there is a gear icon. Select the gear icon to see the configuration page.


On the settings page’s left sidebar, you can find a variety of options. Locate and select “User Profile”

How to Fix Blurry Profile Picture on Discord
4. Modify and Display Your New Profile Image

Before you upload an image, Discord allows you to center and resize it as you see fit. After making the desired adjustments, hit “Apply” to save and upload the photo.

Return to your profile on Discord and view the image. Since you uploaded the image using the desktop website as opposed to the mobile app, it should no longer be fuzzy.

Keep in mind, while changing your Discord profile image, that Discord limits the number of times you can do so within a given timeframe. If you have recently attempted to alter your profile image multiple times, you may have to wait before you can submit it again.

How Can I Improve The Clarity Of My Discord Profile Picture?

You can improve the clarity of a Discord profile image by downsizing it to 128 × 128 pixels and as close to 8MB as possible. If scaling fails, reupload the image via a web browser. Due to a glitch, profile photographs uploaded using the mobile application seem blurry on Discord.

Many Discord users consider a blurry profile image to be a minor nuisance. However, for some, their Discord profile picture is a representation of who they are; hence, a fuzzy image is truly annoying. If you’re hesitant to wait for Discord to provide a cure for the app’s problem, follow the instructions above to make your Discord profile image crystal clear.

Why Does Discord’s PFP get hazy?

If a profile photo on Discord is too small, it may become blurry (that is, less than 128 x 128 pixels and smaller than 8 MB). If the image has the correct dimensions, your fuzzy profile photo on Discord is likely due to a system bug.

Discord is aware of the issue with fuzzy profile pictures, which appears to be caused mostly by the iOS version. In July 2021, they acknowledged the issue via Twitter.

The majority of customers can remedy this issue by re-uploading their profile image through a web browser instead than the iOS/Android app.

Discord claims to have delivered a fix shortly after users starting reported the problem. Despite this, many Discord users continued to experience issues with unclear profile images. It is currently unknown whether Discord will release another patch.

Does A Unfocused PFP Only Occur On Mobile?

Due to a bug in the Discord mobile application, profile images on Discord are blurry. The error renders uploaded photographs fuzzy. The issue can be resolved by users re-uploading their profile images via a web browser (mobile, PC, or Mac).

Many users of Discord access the servers through the Android or iOS mobile app. Users of the mobile app for the service observe that their Discord profile photographs get hazy after being edited. Those utilizing the Desktop version of Discord are not affected by the same issue.

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