How to Fix Instagram Blank Screen

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How to fix Instagram blank screen? One of the most reported ones is the Instagram white screen. This error can happen when you are using the Instagram app or the website. But what can you do when you see the Instagram loading screen is blank? Keep reading and learn more about the details of this Instagram not loading error.


Why you see Instagram blank screen?

As I previously mentioned, as an Instagram user, you might face different errors, like blank Instagram posts, blank instagram profile pictures, or Instagram white screen. But now, I want to talk about the situation when you try to open the app, but Instagram not loading, and you see just a blank page. Generally speaking, this issue might happen because of different technical reasons on your phone or your internet connection, such as:

  • Instagram server problem
  • Poor network connection
  • Mobile phone storage is full
  • Mobile phone loading speed
  • The old version of the Instagram app.

How to fix Instagram Blank Screen?

Here, I want to mention that Instagram blank screen is not a common error, so there is no exact solution for that. But I searched and tried to gather the best possible solutions, which might help you solve your problem. So, read the below list, try them and tell us if they work in your case or not.

  • Fix the blank white screen page by logging into Instagram on the desktop and then logging in with their cell phone to the Instagram account.
  • Change your Instagram account’s password on the desktop version and then try to log in to your account with your phone, and check whether the blank white page issue has been fixed.

If the above solutions did not work, try the below tricks:

  • Airplane mode
  • Update Instagram to the latest version
  • Check your connection
  • Clear cache
  • Turn off your phone
  • Force close Instagram
  • Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

Method 2

Below is a solution that seems to work the best.


1. Reinstall Instagram but don’t open it
2. Go into Flight Mode
3. Open Instagram
4. Enter details in login screen
5. Click login button
6. Get error
7. Turn Flight Mode off
8. Go back to login and try login again.

Blank Instagram profile

But what will happen if you see a blank Instagram profile? Sometimes, you want to open one of your friend’s Instagram profiles, but you see a blank page instead of any picture or video. In these cases when you face a blank screen on someone else’s profile and Instagram not loading, The reason might be that they have deactivated their accounts, changed their usernames, or even they might have blocked you.

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Blank Instagram profile picture


When you face a blank Instagram profile picture issue, that can be just like a blank Instagram profile, a blank Instagram post, or Instagram blank screen errors. But as a help, I have some suggestions for you that might help you solve this kind of Instagram not loading problem.

Blank Instagram post

Another possible result of the Instagram loading screen could be blank Instagram posts. Imagine a situation you try hard to make a brilliant post but at the end when you push to send button, everything is destroyed and you see only a blank Instagram post. This is a rare happening and most of the time it is due to poor internet connection or a technical problem from the server. So, first, check your internet connection, then delete the black post and try to send it again another time.




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