How to fly in gmod | Complete Guide

How to fly in gmod
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Garry’s Mod is a sandbox video game released in 2006 by Facepunch Studios and Valve. The main game mode of Garry’s Mod has no predetermined goals and offers the player a universe in which to freely alter objects.
Other game modes, such as Trouble in Terrorist Town and Prop Hunt, are created by other developers as mods and loaded independently through Steam Workshop and other means.
Garry Newman developed Garry’s Mod as a mod for Valve’s Source game engine and released it in December 2004, before Valve expanded it into a standalone release in November 2006.

The original Windows version was subsequently ported to Mac OS X and Linux in September 2010 and June 2013, respectively. Garry’s Mod has sold more than 20 million copies as of September 2021.


Garry’s Mod is an objective-free physics-based sandbox game in its default game mode. The player is able to spawn and interact with non-player characters, ragdolls, and objects in a variety of ways. Using the “physics gun,” it is possible to pick up, rotate, and freeze ragdolls and props.

Individual limbs can also be moved on ragdolls. The “tool gun” has multiple purposes, including welding and securing items together, as well as modifying the facial expressions of ragdolls.

Garry’s Mod includes the capability to modify the game through the development of Lua scripts.

Spacebuild, Wiremod, Elevator: Source, DarkRP, Prop Hunt, and Trouble in Terrorist Town are notable additions. Every fifteen minutes, specialized servers known as Fretta servers switch between bespoke game modes.

Version 12 of Garry’s Mod featured the “Toybox” area, which allowed players to browse and install user-created modules. This was replaced in version 13 by Steam Workshop support.


Garry Newman, a video game programmer, created Garry’s Mod. After dropping out of college and moving back in with his parents, he founded Facepunch Studios and began making video games.

This was a passion he pursued while working as a PHP programmer for a dating website. Later, when he created his own dating service, he was sacked.
During the development of his debut game, Facewound, Garry’s Mod was created as a mod for the Source game engine and, primarily, Half-Life 2.
Soon, Newman found more delight in creating Garry’s Mod than in maintaining Facewound; therefore, development on Facewound was mostly ceased (and put on indefinite hold in 2004) so that he could concentrate on Garry’s Mod.
He noted that his computer programming skills were insufficient at the time to produce a full Source-based game, so he resorted to the mod format.
Version 1 of the mod was initially released on December 24, 2004. Some gamers criticized the mod for resembling an already-existing mod, JBMod, in their initial reactions.
However, the growing good feedback encouraged Newman to continue developing. Prior to establishing an online forum for the game, Newman was unaware that its popularity was growing.
Newman published many upgraded versions of Garry’s Mod throughout 2004 and 2005, adding new features and concluding with version 9.0.4 on November 27, 2005.

For the recreation of the mod as a standalone game, Newman’s one-man operation was expanded to include numerous individuals.

Newman first declined. Later, Valve and Facepunch reached a publishing agreement whereby Valve would release Garry’s Mod on Steam for $10, and the two firms would divide earnings 50-50. The final free version of Garry’s Mod remained downloadable, rebranded as the retail game’s demo.

The release date of the standalone game was November 29, 2006. Despite the fact that the game was no longer a mod, Valve and Facepunch kept the “Garry’s Mod” moniker. Newman later stated that he should have called the game “Sandbox” instead. Due to the fact that Garry’s Mod needs a separate Source-based game to function properly, a bundle containing Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike: Source was also released.
On September 23, 2010, a port of the Windows version for Mac OS X was released. In December 2012, support for Kinect, a peripheral for tracking full-body motion, was introduced to the Windows version. When Garry’s Mod was migrated to SteamPipe on June 5, 2013, an experimental Linux client was also introduced.

How to fly in Garry’s Mod

The coolest aspect of Garry’s Mod is the ability to fly. This is known as “No-Clip Mode.” When enabled, you can fly through objects, buildings, the ground, etc.


Because crouching is not always low enough, you may also do this if you need to take a picture practically at ground level or at ground level, your character’s lower body can pass through the ground!

1Press V
While in-game, press VIf this doesn’t work, go into your keyboard key settings and look at the line called “No-Clip Mode” and change the key.
Step done
2Fly around
Fly around with the normal keys. WASD,
SPACE  (jump) to go up¤Use SHIFT to fly faster!
Use Ctrl (crouch) to go slower

To come back to normal mode, press V again (be sure to be above the ground level or it will not work).

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