How to Fold Up a Green Screen | Simple Steps

How to Fold Up a Green Screen
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How to Fold Up a Green Screen. When altering a background, displaying a map, or adding special effects, a green screen is an indispensable tool. Unless you know a few strategies, storing these flexible displays can be a bit of a challenge. You must practice folding and unfolding your green screen until you can do so in a few seconds.

How to Fold Up a Green Screen

1. Collapsing a Green Pop-Up Screen
Collect one of the green screen’s shorter ends. This method is most effective for green screens of 5 by 7 feet (1.5 m 2.1 m) in size. When you are ready to store the green screen, pick up one of the short ends and place it against your hips. Place the other end of the rope on the ground. Do not prop the green screen against a wall or lay it flat on the ground, as it could be damaged or stepped on.


2. Fold the screen’s long sides up using both hands.

Place your hands on the corners of the short end lying on you. Hold them securely and bring your hands up in front of your torso so that the screen folds into a taco shape.

3. Fold the screen by crossing its sides.


Bring your right hand over your left hand or vice versa, such that the edges of the screen overlap. Push them towards the ground so that the screen folds into a flat surface.
At this moment, the circular, folded green screen can be retrieved. As you elevate the screen, pinch its sides so that it does not unfurl or pop open.

B1. Storing a Giant Green Screen


Place the extra-long screen in front of you and raise one of the short ends. Place the green screen with a short side facing you and the long sides facing away from you. To begin, you can place the green screen on the ground. Then, grab the nearby short end.
This method can also be used with a green screen and sweep. This indicates that the green screen has surplus material, which is draped along the wall’s base.

The edges are folded together like a book. Take hold of the edges of the short edge with both hands and move them slowly towards each other. In a U-shape, the cloth of the green screen should drape beneath the edges.
3. Fold a Green Screen:
Bring the bottom edge of the screen to the ground. Take a few steps forward while continuing to hold the screen in a U-shape so that the entire display curls in an arc. Then, lower the end until the edge hits the bottom of the screen that is already on the ground.
After lowering the end to the ground, place your hands in the middle of the screen on the sides.
4. Fold the right side of the display into the center. At this stage, each side of the screen forms a little loop, and the majority of the green screen cloth is loose in the middle. Keep your hands on the loops at your sides and fold the right loop flat on the ground. As you finish folding the green screen, crouch toward the ground.
5. Overlap the remaining loop to complete folding the green screen. Bring the second loop down until it sits flat on top of the first. Fold the fabric between the two loops of the screen while folding a green screen with sweep.
Remember to grasp both sides of the folded green screen before picking it up, lest it unfold.

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