How to Get a Looting Bag in OSRS

How to Get a Looting Bag in OSRS

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Looting Bags are obtained by slaying monsters of any rank in the Wilderness. It is worth mentioning that all battle levels will have the same chance of receiving the drop.


These bags can be used to deposit items into while in your inventory, thus boosting the size of your inventory. The disadvantage is that you can only collect these items at a bank, therefore it is great for extending your visits by keeping actual riches.

You can only have one Looting Bag at a time, and it is lost when you die. If that happens, you will have to go get it.

While there are several ways to obtain your Looting Bag, we would like to offer a specific method of farming Rats that is both consistent and fast.

How to Get a Looting Bag in OSRS

Begin with the Edgeville Ditch

Head to Edgeville, which is directly south of the Wilderness. Remember, you are going to a PvP zone, so bring no more than two items and you will not risk losing anything.

  • Road to the Farming Spot – Old School RuneScape
  • The Road to the Farming Spot
  • Head north to the location depicted on the map.

You should not have to run through any strong foes, and players do not frequently camp in this location. But be cautious because you never know where a PKer might be hidden!

There are a few level 1 Rats running around.    

At this point, you should farm them until your Looting Bag drops.

This is because the drop rate for all monsters is the same, hence this is the easiest one to kill when in a somewhat secure region.

Furthermore, these Rats respawn significantly faster than normal creatures, which means you will not have to run around as much.

Finally, rats can only hit 0’s on you, meaning you can not die to them even if you are a Level 3 player.


Looting Bags drop at a rate of 1/15.

Given the Rat’s fast respawns, this should not take long – maybe a couple minutes at most if you are unfortunate.

Pick it up and head back south to Edgeville, or teleport away if you brought one.

That is it, and congratulations on your Looting Bag!

Alternative: Last Man Standing Shop

Another way to earn a Looting Bag is to visit the Last Man Standing rewards shop, which is located in Ferox Enclave, near to the minigame.

This region can be reached by jogging north from Edgeville, using a Minigames teleport, or a Ring of Dueling.

Last Man Standing is a safe PvP minigame that functions similarly to battle royales in that numerous players enter and are disqualified when they die, gaining points according on their performance. These points can later be used for incentives.

Looting Bags are worth one point in the rewards shop.

While this is the cheapest item in the shop, it is not normally recommended.



Because each game of Last Man Standing will take longer than farming the Looting Bag normally.

Furthermore, these points could be better spent on other rewards, such as the expensive Rune Pouch.

Regardless, if PvP is your thing or you have some points hanging around, certainly come pick up your Looting Bag at Ferox Enclave!

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