How to Get Cetus Wisp in Warframe

How to Get Cetus Wisp in Warframe
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How to Get Cetus Wisp in Warframe.


This post is ideal if you want to discover how and where to farm Cetus Wisps in Warframe. There are Cetus Wisps hovering over the lake in the Plains of Eidolon.

During Operation Plague Star, they may also be purchased from Quill Onkko and Operational Supplies. Search for them along the shores of Lake Gara Toht and in tiny, landlocked water basins.

When you approach a Wisp, it will hover for approximately five seconds before floating upwards and vanishing in a flash of light.

If an item is touchable, it will be added to the player’s inventory. Wisps occasionally despawn if they are discovered but not picked up within a certain amount of time.

Wisps are considered loot as opposed to neutral NPCs, and they can be used in crafting. You can utilize them to create components for the Zaw, Arcane, and Amp, as well as different cosmetic blueprints.

Cetus Wisps are utilized in Revenant’s systems alongside the chassis of the Gara.

It is rumored that they are one of the most difficult resources to harvest in Warframe, but read on for tactics and strategies!

Useful Cetus Wisp Farm Advice

It is useful to note that players can mark Wisp sites with their own markers. If you let one mistakenly float away, you can still indicate its location for other players.

Since they are considered loot, you can use modifications such as Loot Detector, Thief’s Wit, and Animal Instinct to speed up your hunt. Codex and Synthesis scanners do not highlight Wisps.

Cetus Wisps’ stealth abilities do not prevent their evasion. The Greedy Pull and Vacuum mods will not collect them, thus you must manually collect them.

These are available for collection at Archwing. Employ Itzal’s Cosmic Crush ability to fly around swiftly, and you will be able to collect them.

Pairing an Archwing with a Zoom-enabled weapon is another effective method for locating Cetus Wisps.

Fly too high for the enemy Dargyn to see you as you explore the lakes by zooming in on the water’s edge from above. Instead of sweeping, maintain the view for a few seconds.

You should keep an eye out for movement because Wisps swarm, and you can detect them with Zoom even from a great height.

This is feasible day or night, however nighttime identification is more difficult due to the blue shimmering of the ground.

How Do Cetus Wisps Give Birth?

At any given time, only one Wisp is active, and if you capture or release it, it will spawn somewhere.

This means that if you are searching for several, you should conduct multiple sweeps of the same region.

Expect three to four of them to spawn in the Planes during the day, and two times as many at night. Gara Toht Lake can produce as many as five fish per night.

These species possess spawn sites from which they select to spawn when entering the Plains.


After then, no further Wisps will spawn throughout this session.

To continue farming Wisps, a new instance of the Plains must be spawned.

Where to Cultivate Cetus Wisps

Locating Wisps is less dependent on memorizing their spawning locations as it is on determining if an icon on the minimap represents a Wisp or another resource.

Spending excessive time ensuring quality results in slower Wisp farming.

Wisps always spawn near water, hence their icon on the minimap is frequently half submerged.

If the icon is located further inland, it is not a Wisp. There are more resources that spawn near pools and lakes, but you will eventually remember which ones to disregard when they appear on your minimap.

Wisps can be found on the shores of almost every interior lake, as well as two streams: the branched one in the extreme northwest and the one north of Gara Toht Lake by the series of minor lakes.

It is advised that only the minimap be used for Cetus Wisp farming. Itzal’s second ability, Penumbra, is useful if you believe you have seen a Wisp, as it provides an instant stop.

Check ponds and lakes for wisps while running between mission stages and while running bounties. If you know what you are doing, this form of passive agriculture can be beneficial.

The quickest way to locate Wisps on the Plains is to use a Warframe and dash along lake borders.

After completing one lake’s full circle, proceed to the next.

Wisps will appear as loot on your detector if you have Animal Instinct, Thief’s Wit, or Loot Detector equipped.

Suggestions for Cetus Wisp Farm Loadout

It is irrelevant whatever Warframe you choose, however you should consider bringing Volt for his speed increase. This can boost the flight speed of Archwings.


Itzal is also crucial because his Cosmic Crush ability is excellent for capturing Wisps without having to leave the Archwing.

A large treasure radar is also advantageous because it displays Wisps on the map.

Use either Loot Detector or Thief’s Wit. Obviously, there are more modification options to consider.

If you are utilizing Volt, boost your movement speed using Speed. Energy Amplifier is useful for the Archwing construct, as is System Reroute, which does not need to be maxed.

The will increase Cosmic Crush’s Wisp farming efficiency.


Despite the fact that Cetus Wisps are difficult to identify and do not stay in one place for long, it is feasible to collect them utilizing the aforementioned strategies.

After you are accustomed to collecting these small animals, you will be able to spot them using only the mini-map, which results in speedier Wisp farming.

Also remember that they tend to be more prevalent at night, so you may want to farm them at night.

As long as you are an Architect, you can purchase Wisps at Cetus’ The Quills for 2,000 Standing at any time.

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