How to get Crimson in Minecraft

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How to get crimson in minecraft? Crimson stems are a naturally generated part of huge fungi found in the crimson forest biomes, their stem is red in color. They are primarily used as building blocks and can be turned into planks by simply placing them in any crafting grid. A stripped variant can be obtained as well, but once stripped, the process can’t be reverted.


How to Get Crimson in Minecraft

You can find crimson stems in the crimson forest biomes, from huge fungi. They can be picked up by breaking them with any tool but using an ax is the quickest. Crimson stems cannot be found in any naturally generated structures or in loot chests.

The crimson forest is dense and has a crimson color scheme. The forest’s fog is dark red and blazing particles are seen floating. The forest floor is mostly covered with crimson nylium, with some netherrack and nether wart blocks and  generating on the surface as well.

The vegetation of the biome includes fungi, crimson roots, huge crimson fungi and weeping vines. These vines hang from the large fungi and nether wart blocks from the ceiling. Herds of hoglins commonly spawn throughout the forest. pinglins are also found here along with their occasional undead counterparts.

What is Crimson Stem used for?

Crimson stems can be used to make crimson stem planks that can be used in any and all crafting recipes that require any form of wooden planks. They can also be used to make charcoal and as a building material. Crimson stems can also be used as fuel directly without turning them into charcoal but this method is quite inefficient.

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Crimson stems are a variant of logs that are specific to the crimson forest biomes found exclusively in the Nether. You can use it for all crafting recipes that involve the usage of logs. Getting this variant of the wood log is hard and challenging since it can only be sourced from the Nether.


In the Crimson Forest biome, you will find a new tree-like structure made out of crimson stem for the trunk, nether wart blocks  as the leaves, and shroomlights can be found growing within its leaves.

The trunk of this tree-like structure is basically the Nether’s version of a log. What makes this type of tree so unique (compared to Overworld trees such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak) is that any item that you craft out of this type of tree can not be destroyed by fire.


In the Crimson Forest biome, you will find unique blocks such as crimson nylium, nether wart block, netherrack, shroomlight, crimson stem, and stripped crimson stem:

The Crimson Forest biome can be dangerous in Survival Mode and is the only biome where you can find piglins and hoglins:


  • When the crimson forest was announced atMINECON Live 2019, which happened before the first Nether Update snapshot was released, it was known as “Nether wart forest”. In the announcement, however, it was called “Nether wart forest red”.
  • Most of the ambience in the crimson forest was made with balloons, which Samuel Aberg says creates a disturbing feeling of something stretching and forcing itself to bend.
  • This biome might be a reference to a biome in the game Terraria, in which there is also a red biome called the crimson There is also a similar ocurrance with the blue Hallow biome and the warped forest
  • The crimson forest’s music track, Chrysopoeia, is named after a term in alchemy that refers to the transmutation of base metals into gold. This name ties with the Nether’s relation to gold and the brewing mechanic.







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