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How to get marks of honor wow shadowlands? Marks of Honor have seen some changes since they were first introduced during Legion, although they still serve much of the same purpose, to buy cosmetic transmog sets of old PvP gear.

Players can earn these marks by Winning PvP Battlegrounds, Arena’s, and Skirmishes by opening the strongbox that is awarded. Marks can also be a reward for certain PvP World Quests in the Shadowlands. Players can also trade in 2000 honor points for 5 Marks of Honor by talking to Purveyor Zo’kuul in Oribos.

World of Warcraft (wow) Dragonflight’s first season is finally here with new PvP and War Mode sets for players to unlock with honor points. Though players will need to acquire this new PvP gear in order to remain competitive across battlegrounds and arenas, players are still able to purchase PvP gear from previous expansions for transmog purposes.

Players can buy past PvP sets from any of the previous expansions by earning a specific currency called Marks of honor. With enough Marks of Honor, players can customize their gear to appear as some of the MMO’s most iconic tier sets without sacrificing their stats.

In order to create your perfect gear set, both aesthetically and practically, players will need to know how to get Marks of Honor and where to spend them. This is everything you need to know about Marks of Honor in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

Locations for Mark of Honor Wow Shadowlands

With Marks of Honor, players can purchase gear sets from previous expansions whenever they were first introduced. After purchasing this gear, players can then use these armor sets for transmogs.

In order to track down the tier set you desire, players will have to find which expansion that set was introduced in and travel to that expansion’s respective region. Below is the full list of transmog vendors and locations, categorized by expansion.

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Burning Crusade

  • Kezzik the Striker and Izze the Clutch – Area 52, Netherstorm

Wrath of the Lich King

  • Trapjaw Rix, Blazik Fireclaw, Herwin Steampop, Xai Smolderpipe, Kylo Kelwin, and Zom Bocom – Old Dalaran’s Underbelly


  • Rogoc and Doris Volanthius (Hord) – Hall of Legends, Orgrimmar
  • Lieutenant Trista and Captain Dirgehammer (Alliance) – Champion’s Hall, Stormwind
  • Tiny Tayger and Capp Carlin – Gagetzan, Tanaris

Mists of Pandaria

  • Acon Deathwielder (Horde) – Southern portion of the Serpent’s Spine
  • Ethan Natice (Alliance) – Northern portion of the Serpent’s Spine.

Warlords of Draenor

  • Stone Guard Brokefist (Horde) – Warspear, Ashran
  • Holly Mctilla (Alliance) – Stormshield, Ashran


  • Apothecary Lee and Sarah the Sarah the Savage (Horde) – Sunreaver’s Santuary, Dalaran
  • Captain Roberts and Lieutenant Surtees (Alliance) – The Silver Enclave, Dalaran

Battle for Azeroth

  • Xander Silberman (Horde) – War Headquarters, Dazar’alor
  • Marshal Gabriel (Alliance) – War Headquarters, Boralus


  • Purveyor Zo’sorg and Purveyor Zo’kuul – Oribos.


How to Get Marks of Honor Wow Shadowlands

Similar to other PvP currencies, such as Honor Points, players earn Marks of Honor simply by participating in and winning battlegrounds and arenas. Grinding Marks of Honor can be a very time-consuming process, but if you are willing to surrender 2,000 Honor Points, players can exchange PvP currencies for 5 Marks of Honor by speaking to Purveyor Zo’kuul in Oribos.

Marks of Honor can be spent at each expansion’s PvP vendor, with the only exception being Shadowlands, as the sets are still a part of the current game, and will be available likely when the next expansions laucnhes.

Marks of Honor can be exchanged for complete sets of gear (cosmetic only) based on the seasonal look when it was released.

Individual pieces will cost anywhere between 1-5 marks, heirlooms 8-10, and full sets costing 12 Marks of Honor.

Heirloom upgrades will cost 14 marks, mounts 15, and a complete weapon set from that expansion costing 80 Marks.

The Marks can be used for all seasonal armor sets dating all the way back to season one of the Burning Crusade, including all the weapons that could be purchased at that time.

For collectors, as of Legion, all armor ensembles will cost a total of 336 Marks of Honor for a single class.

Weapons are a lot more expensive, costing a total of 1760, so it is recommended to collect these on a Warrior as they have access to all weapon appearances.





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