How to Get MIDA Multi-Tool & It’s Catalyst in 2022

How to get mida multi tool catalyst 2022
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How to Get MIDA Multi Tool Catalyst in 2022. The MIDA Multi-Tool is an Exotic Auto Rifle that gives you a better view of your surroundings, especially while in action.


This Exotic Scout Rifle can fire up to 200 shots per minute and has a magazine capacity that allows you to fire up to 16 rounds before reloading.

Players may quickly track and kill foes while remaining mobile because to the weapon’s mobility speed increase.

How to get mida multi tool catalyst 2022

MIDA Multi-Tool Advantages:

 1) Corkscrew Rifling (Barrel) Balanced Barrel

Improve range and stability slightly.
boosts handling speed slightly

2) High-caliber rounds (Magazine)
Shots from this weapon push the target back further.Increases the range slightly.
3) MIDA Radar (Trait) Radar remains active while pointing down sights.

4) Hand-laid Stock (Stock)
This weapon is designed for recoil control.

Increases stability slightly.

MIDA Multi-Tool Intrinsic Qualities
MIDA Multi-Tool

When you equip this weapon, it increases your movement speed.


The increased move speed is a great improvement for those that need to move rapidly and rely on such agility.

Along with armor that enhances stats, movement speed can help players go about and improve their mobility.

How Can I Get MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst?

The MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst Outlaw causes precision kills, reducing weapon reloading time significantly.

This is a significant advantage while utilizing this weapon because you will be able to continue firing at foes all around you as easy as you can track them.

There is a probability based on your current Glory Rank, with a bigger chance depending on your rank.

Glory Rank 3 – Fabled rank has a 5% chance of dropping or 10% with clan bonus.
Glory Rank 4- Mythic rank has a 10% chance of dropping or 30% with clan bonus.
Glory Rank 5 – Fabled rank has a better or guaranteed chance of winning.
The MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst may be obtained by dealing 200 precise kills with the weapon in the Crucible.


The MIDA Multi-Tool is a more advanced weapon that is ideal for players that can aim quickly because it does not remove the radar when you aim.


This allows you to easily target and eliminate adversaries, and with the addition of the Outlaw perk, you won’t be hampered by sluggish reloads.

Players may easily clear an area and survive ambushes by using precision kills and knowing where adjacent adversaries are.

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