How to Get More Continental Coins Payday 2

How to Get More Continental Coins Payday 2
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How to Get More Continental Coins Payday 2

In addition to the introduction of the new Safe House on Day 2 of the Hoxton’s Housewarming Event, Continental coins, a specific kind of currency that can be used to purchase different upgrades, were also introduced.

Initially, these coins could only be used to upgrade the Safe House’s rooms and purchase specific weapon mods on the black market. Since then, more applications for the cash have been added.

These gold coins represent an additional crossover element from the John Wick filmography. On one side of the coin is a symbol signifying Peace and Violence, and on the other is a lion representing Strength and a shield indicating Protection. They serve as membership cards for the Assassin’s Guild and are valued at approximately $1000 each.

Earning money

How to Get More Continental Coins Payday 2

Continental coins can be acquired in the following ways:

Developing experience (Continental coins 1 per every 500,000 XP earned, when not playing Crime Spree)
Completing daily Safe House Side Jobs, each of which earns 6 Continental coins Unlocking Trophies that, when earned, grant 6 Continental coins.

Completing Safe House Raids, which awards 6 Continental coins each time Progressing through Crime Spree and then claiming rewards

Obtaining accomplishment milestones
Performing Story Line responsibilities (Moving Up in the World granting Continental coins 6 and every subsequent assignment granting Continental coins 3, for a total of Continental coins 135)
As of Update 120, Continental coin income will have its own progress metre similar to the experience point counter.

Utilization of Continental coins

When upgrading rooms in the safehouse, Continental Coins are used, with Tier 2 costing 12 Continental Coins and Tier 3 costing 24 Continental Coins. Currently, upgrading the entire residence costs a total of 828 Continental coins.


Their name was derived from the in-film Continental, a hotel chain that offers specialised services for assassins and accepts only these coins as payment; however, the in-game nomenclature is slightly inaccurate, as while the hotel itself circulates these money, it is not the “real” source.
This is described as part of the lore for the coins themselves within the game. Due to Wick’s success in securing Continental membership status for the entire team, the hotel and, by extension, some of its contacts have extended their offer to remodel the premises in exchange for payment in the form of those coins. In the film, Charlie, Wick’s loyal cleaner, appears to be the leader of these ties.

The standard fee of Continental coins 12 per Tier 2 safe house upgrade is likely a reference to the scene where Charlie is first introduced in the film, during which Wick enlisted Charlie’s services to book a “dinner reservation for twelve” — i.e., to dispose of twelve corpses, each of which cost one coin — during which Wick requested Charlie’s assistance to dispose of the corpses.
Along with the gameplay Mutators, the ability to acquire weapon modifications with a specific money was based on a similar system in the popular GoonMod, whose inventor was hired by Overkill Software.
Despite being a representative of the Continental, rescuing or completing missions for Charon does not reward the player with currency.
Continental coins can be found in numerous spots throughout the safe house, indicating the existence of an abandoned technique for acquiring bonus coins.

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