How to get Popcorn Kernel out of Throat

How to get Popcorn Kernel out of Throat | Simple steps

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A movie night with friends is the ideal setting for enjoying popcorn. As much as we enjoy eating popcorn, getting it caught in our throats may be a horrifying sensation. It sometimes feels as if we will never be able to get it out!


Consuming a lot of liquids, such as water, milk, or soda, is necessary for removing popcorn from the throat. Try eating anything sticky, such as bread, a banana, or sticky rice, if that does not work.

There are numerous ways to clean your throat of popcorn. Due to the risk of discomfort and swelling, popcorn should not remain in the throat. Check out the below recommendations and choose the one that works best for you!

Do Liquids Assist in Swallowing Popcorn?

Water should be consumed promptly if popcorn becomes lodged in the throat. Use another adjacent beverage if you have one available. There is little relevance to the type of liquid. The purpose is to eliminate the kernel as rapidly as feasible. Try lowering your chin toward your chest and swallowing vigorously.

It may be more effective to drink carbonated beverages to dislodge popcorn from the throat. If the water does not work, try drinking some soda.

It may not be sufficient to simply consume the liquid to liberate the popcorn. Instead of simply drinking water or soda, consider gargling it, but use caution when gargling soda. If the carbonated beverage made its way up to your nose, it would just exacerbate the problem.

Others believe that milk is the ideal beverage for dislodging popcorn, as opposed to soda or water. Take large sips of water. Try to aim your milk toward the popcorn as you swallow it. You can also consume thicker drinks like smoothies. The denser the beverage, the more likely it is to drag down the popcorn.

Will Consuming Help Remove Popcorn from the Throat?

If drinks fail to dislodge the popcorn from your throat, you may need to consume something more substantial. Many folks recommend consuming a different food item.

While the majority of people believe that consuming another food would alleviate the discomfort caused by popcorn in the throat, many disagree as to which foods you should consume. Some believe that softer foods are the solution, but others believe that hard foods work best. Both varieties will be discussed below.

No matter what type of food you use to clear your throat, you will certainly need to swallow a significant portion. Only attempt to remove the popcorn using this technique if you have a family member or close friend nearby.

Consuming huge bites while anything is lodged in the throat may cause choking. If the meal becomes trapped, the family member or acquaintance must call for immediate assistance.

Hard Foods

If water or other liquids have failed to dislodge the popcorn from your throat, you can try eating solid foods.

Grab a piece of firm bread, such as Italian bread or a baguette. Take a substantial piece. The bread chunks should continue to be swallowable. Without chewing, ingest the chunks of bread. It should catch the lip of the popcorn and push it down the throat.


If you do not have any hard bread, remove the crust from a standard slice of bread. Break the crust into little pieces and consume multiple pieces without chewing.

The bread crusts should have the same functionality as crusty bread. You can also substitute crusty bread for toast that has been cooked to perfection. pieces of bread that can be swallowed. Take each piece slowly until your throat is clear.

Some individuals propose doing the same with larger tortilla pieces. While tortillas are not strictly a “hard food,” they are typically robust enough to force the kernel out.

Others we spoke with recommended saltines, cereal, or even rice (specifically sticky rice). The sticky rice should adhere to the kernel and displace it.

Soft Foods

If hard foods failed to dislodge the popcorn shell from your throat, try consuming some softer foods. In addition to being safe to consume in higher quantities, some of these may also help ease throat inflammation.

While the bread was the top recommendation for foods that are difficult to swallow, it is also the top recommendation for foods that are easy to swallow. Find a large slice of bread that is soft. Larger bread chunks should be swallowed whole (not so big that you will choke). Instead of hooking the popcorn like hard bread would, soft bread should push down on the shell.

Additionally, mashed potatoes, ice cream, peanut butter, and mashed bananas are soft meals that rely on pushing the kernel out. Additionally, consuming ice cream may help alleviate any irritation produced by the shell.

When utilising these items to extract a popcorn kernel, take a huge bite and attempt to swallow without chewing. The shell should be pushed out by the food’s thickness.

Also suggested was the use of heated honey! Like ice cream, warm honey will act as a soother for any irritation caused by the kernel. Do not warm the honey, as doing so could cause throat irritation. Before consuming the honey, it should be tested on the hand or arm.

Other Methods of Popcorn Extraction

Despite the fact that the majority of solutions for removing a popcorn kernel from the throat involve food, there are a number of alternative options as well.


For example, you can use a Waterpik to clean popcorn. A Waterpik is a device used to blast food debris from between the teeth. Aim the water at the popcorn and let it wash away gently. Do not employ a high-powered engine.

It may feel as though there is still a kernel trapped in your throat after doing all of these procedures, but it may only be a scrape. Use a spray for sore throats to alleviate the inflammation. Consult a physician if you develop a fever. It is possible that the popcorn has infected your lungs or throat.

Using this guidance, you should be able to get rid of the annoying popcorn kernel and be ready for the next time it occurs.

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